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Genius in Making by Akankssha Arora

Genius in Making

There are a lot of self-help books around for women on improving their lives and tackling problems. But, when it comes to young to-be...
She Friendzoned My Love by Sudeep Nagarkar

She Friend-Zoned My Love

The Indian young adult fans have a new reason to celebrate this month. One of the bestselling and most favorite Indian author, Sudeep Nagarkar,...
Flying Without Wings Rishabh Puri Book Review

Flying Without Wings

There are many Entrepreneurs who write and most of them are motivational books. But today the book we are discussing is a soft and...
Despite Stolen Dreams by Anita Krishan Book Review, Buy Online

Despite Stolen Dreams

While there is much turmoil in the Kashmir valley, much more is being written on the sufferings and emotions of the people in that...
A Hundred Little Flames Preeti Shenoy Book Review, Buy Online

A Hundred Little Flames

One of most successful Indian female author, Preeti Shenoy, is back with her new book releasing this November. A Hundred Little Flames is Preeti...
The Boy with A Broken Heart Durjoy Datta Book Review

The Boy With a Broken Heart

The wait is over guys! India's heartthrob author Durjoy Datta's new novel 'The Boy with A Broken Heart' is going to be your next...
Walking in Your Power by Barbara M Derrick, Book Review, Buy Online

Walking in Your Power: Lessons from the Grandmothers

Walking in Your Power is Barbara M. Derrick's debut book which was published in May 2017. It is a distinctive self-help book blended mindfully with...
This is Not Your Story by Savi Sharma Book Review, Buy Online

This is Not Your Story

Book Review : This is Not Your Story by Savi Sharma With her new novel, This Is Not Your Story, Savi Sharma is going to...


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