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All Chetan Bhagat Books List and Latest Novels

All Chetan Bhagat Books List and Latest Novels

There is no doubt that Chetan Bhagat is the most-read English writer in India. Although Chetan Bhagat books list is not very long, his fans are innumerable  (and his haters too). All of his...
Joe Antony Author Interview

Author Joe Antony: Reinvents Historical Fiction unveiling the Brutal Past

In the past of human history, there are the roots of social evil that prevail in today's society. And, having an author dig deep to uncover these evils and put them beautifully into historical...
author lajune singleton interview

Author LaJune Singleton: Helping People Fight Emotional Trauma & Win!

Reading memoirs gives you first-hand experience of the varied emotions that the author went through and their story of success. LaJune Singleton is one such author and we're happy to introduce her to you...
author ana cristina interview

Author Ana Cristina: Taking Fantasy Fiction Beyond Human Experience

In fantasy fiction, the authors have a limitless scope of creating a world with unique characters to surprise readers. And, not many have mastered this art. We're happy to introduce one such author, Ana...
nola lucas author interview

Author Nola Lucas: Inspiring Every Human towards World Peace

Literature and authors have played important role in shaping mankind throughout history. In recent times, such authors are becoming a little hard to find. Thankfully, we discovered author Nola Lucas who has committed herself...

Must Read

Best Books to Read Before you die

Best Books To Read Before You Die

This is a list of best books that you can find in every bookstore under the ‘best books to read’ category.If you are an...
Best Self Help Books 2019

Best Self Help Books of All Time that Everyone Should Read

Life can be a bumpy ride! And, reading good self help books is arguably the best way to get yourself back on track.In this...
Best Biographies

Best Biography Books of All Time You Must Read

As wisely said, learning from other's mistake is a great way to save a whole lot of time. And what in the world can...