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bhaswar mukherjee author interview

Author Bhaswar Mukherjee: Banker turned Award-winning Writer acing both Fiction & Non-fiction

It takes a lifelong to ace the art of writing in particular genres. There are only a handful of authors who write equally amazing stories in multiple genres. Author Bhaswar Mukherjee is one of...
dan e hendrickson author interview

Author Dan E. Henderickson: Writing action-thrillers ft. brave officers solving complex crimes

Over the years, crime fiction authors have created detective characters that are unforgettable; be it Arthur's Sherlock or Agatha's Poirot. With the Last Enemy series, author Dan E. Hendrickson has created another unforgettable character,...
ac mooney author interview

Author A.C. Mooney: Bringing Truly New Elements for Dark Fantasy Readers

Fantasy stories take you on a journey into the magical worlds we can only imagine from the eyes of the authors. A.C. Mooney, the author of the Mirror Walker series, brings you into a...
author bret kissinger interview

Author Bret Kissinger: Acing the art of Suspenseful Thriller Fiction

Great passion creates good artists. And, when it comes to writing, authors who are extremely passionate about their stories are the ones who create masterpieces. Bret Kissinger, a self-taught author of three amazing books,...
pattie manente author interview

Author Pattie Manente: Empowering Kids with Stories about Courage & Self Growth Values

Bedtime stories are all fun for kids but some of the authors mix the fun with some valuable lessons for young kids. Pattie Manente is one such author whose book 'Brady and the Backyard...

Must Read

Best Books to Read Before you die

Best Books To Read Before You Die

This is a list of best books that you can find in every bookstore under the ‘best books to read’ category.If you are an...
Best Self Help Books 2019

Best Self Help Books of All Time that Everyone Should Read

Life can be a bumpy ride! And, reading good self help books is arguably the best way to get yourself back on track.In this...
Best Biographies

Best Biography Books of All Time You Must Read

As wisely said, learning from other's mistake is a great way to save a whole lot of time. And what in the world can...