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Latest Reviews

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Author Vinquita Romaine

Author Vinquita Romaine: Giving a chance to find oneself again

Author Vinquita Romaine has recently published his book, Evil at the Core, and trust us when we say that we can't get over it anytime soon. The adventure, the mystery, and the thrill it...
Author Sharon Walton

Author Sharon Walton: Writing stories for kids that help them be brave instead of...

Do you remember the monster that was under your bed when you were a child? Or that ghost in the closet? Or that creepy man behind the curtains? All of us had something imaginary...
Author Odingas C. Anyabuike

Author Odingas C. Anyabuike Jr.: Giving eye-opening insights of the world

It's not uncommon for all of us to sometimes question our choices, ways, and our own authority in our lives. If you feel that your life isn't something all yours, but gets manipulated by...
crystal savage traylor author interview

Author Crystal Savage Traylor: Bringing Faith & Turmoil into Urban Fantasy Fiction

It isn't an easy task to amalgamate fantasy into an urban setting while making sure that the balance between the two key aspects doesn't get jeopardized. We’re happy to introduce one such author, Crystal...
All Chetan Bhagat Books List and Latest Novels

All Chetan Bhagat Books List and Latest Novels

There is no doubt that Chetan Bhagat is the most-read English writer in India. Although Chetan Bhagat books list is not very long, his fans are innumerable  (and his haters too). All of his...

Must Read

Best Books to Read Before you die

Best Books To Read Before You Die

This is a list of best books that you can find in every bookstore under the ‘best books to read’ category.If you are an...
Best Self Help Books 2019

Best Self Help Books of All Time that Everyone Should Read

Life can be a bumpy ride! And, reading good self help books is arguably the best way to get yourself back on track.In this...
Best Biographies

Best Biography Books of All Time You Must Read

As wisely said, learning from other's mistake is a great way to save a whole lot of time. And what in the world can...