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Latest Reviews

What's Viral

Author Julie Navickas: Writing Romantic Fiction that explores Modern Love

There are enough contemporary romantic fiction books out there. And, it's difficult for authors to write a story that stands out among so many options. Author Julie Navickas has done exactly that with her...
author kelly jo pardue interview

Author Kelly Jo Pardue: Writing unique Science Fiction Stories for Adults

Sci-Fi is one of those genres that requires the author to imagine stuff that's out of this world (quite literally!). And, that's not everyone can pull off. Fortunately, we came across the author of...
rajiv shah author interview

Author Rajiv Shah: Acing Contemporary Writing in Multiple Genres

Contemporary authors mostly stick to the boundaries of the genres they write in. Still, there are some authors who go beyond the set boundaries to create unique stories. Rajiv Shah is an author who...

Books vs TV: 11 Reasons Books are Better than Television

Books or Television? Did you say Books? Awesome, you're totally our kind of person. If not than you better read this post. Books have been the first source of entertainment ever since humans learnt...

Grammarly Vs Ginger – What’s the Best Grammar Checker in 2023

Any written content piece can’t become presentable without proper proofreading. Along with manual proofreading, writers also need some proofreading tools that can detect the errors missed by the human eye.Ginger and Grammarly are counted...

Must Read

Best Books to Read Before you die

Best Books To Read Before You Die

This is a list of best books that you can find in every bookstore under the ‘best books to read’ category.If you are an...
Best Self Help Books 2019

Best Self Help Books of All Time that Everyone Should Read

Life can be a bumpy ride! And, reading good self help books is arguably the best way to get yourself back on track.In this...
Best Biographies

Best Biography Books of All Time You Must Read

As wisely said, learning from other's mistake is a great way to save a whole lot of time. And what in the world can...