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Best Tablets for Reading Books

Best Tablets for Reading Books in 2019

With the changing times and updated technology, now, reading can be done anywhere and everywhere, thanks to the reading tablets and eReaders!If you're are also looking to buy an e-reader, you cannot afford to...
Best Reading Chairs

10 Best Comfy Reading Chairs For the Better Reading Experience

Reading a book becomes a task when you are not in a comfortable posture. Book nerds could read for many hours at stretch but what constraints them in doing so, is their companion in...
Books Like Outlander for all romantic fans

11 Books Like Outlander For All The Romantic Books Fans

Ever since I have read Outlander books, I don’t think any other book can make me feel the same about love as this book series did.Claire Beauchamp Randall and Jamie Fraser, these two unforgettable...
Books Like Percy Jackson

13 Amazing Books Like Percy Jackson Series

Rick Riordan books have done enough for all the readers to set their voyage into the adventurous fantasy lands. And, by ‘enough’ I mean books like Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series, with five...
Types of Book Genres

Types of Genres of Literature Every Bibliophile Should Know About

Being a reader, I was always curious about reading the different types of stories. I would never miss a chance to try on different types of genres of literature and believe me, this habit...
Books Like Pride and Prejudice

10 Vintage Books Like Pride And Prejudice You Would Never Miss

How do you even get over from such an amazing classic book like Pride and Prejudice? I can't, and maybe I don't want to.I will miss arrogant Mr. Darcy and soft-hearted Elizabeth. I will...
Books Like Diary of a Wimpy Kid

15 Books like Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Ohh I see! You are a huge Diary of a Wimpy Kid fan. *wink*So am I. I used to laugh every time Greg would make some mistake and would feel bad when his attempts...
Books Like Ready Player One

List of Books Like Ready Player One for the Dystopian Fans!

So, you were completely blown after reading Ready Player One and now your soul is on a quest to read another sci-fi thriller. Right?No worries, we have your back! I have been on the...
Amazon Audible Discount

Audible Student Discount | Get Audible @ 9.95$ per Month Only!

Yeah, You read it right! There is an Audible discount for students!Audible, the largest seller and producer of the audiobooks, is giving an exclusive discount to the students. Here is everything you need to...
Best Philosophy Books of all time

Best Philosophy Books of All Time

There are times in everyone's life when everything seems upside-down. When reality hits hard and you couldn't find any escape. That's the time when you do some philosophical thinking. These best philosophy books will help...

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