Audible Badges: How to Earn them & All You Need to Know!

Audible Badges

Despite so many offers and perks to their customers, Audible also gives rewards in the form of Audible Badges for listening to audiobooks. Isn’t it amazing?

I am telling you Amazon Audible knows how to keep their listeners happy. (And, I am one of the million happy members!)

I have been using the Audible app for many years now. But, since these badges are introduced, I have started loving Audible even more. These rewards keep me motivated to listen to more and more audiobooks.

I specifically wrote this post to cover everything you need to know about the Audible badges, where to find them and how to earn them.

But, before that let me show you all the badges that you get on the Audible app.

Complete List of Audible Badges

There are in total of 15 Audible badges that are listed below.

Social Butterfly Social Butterfly Badge
Mount Everest Mount Everest Badge
Stenographer Stenographer badge
Watchtower Watchtower Badge
7-day Stretch 7-day Stretch Badge
Night Owl Night Owl Badge
Weekend Warrior Weekend Warrior Badge
Repeat Listener Repeat Listener Badge
Marathoner Marathoner Badge
High Noon High Noon Badge
The Closer The Closer Badge
Daily Dipper Daily Dipper Badge
The Stack The Stack Badge
Nibbler Nibbler Badge
Dabbler Dabbler Badge


The Audible badges are further categorized into three listening levels.

  1. Silver Level – It is the easiest level of all the audible listening levels.
  2. Gold Level – It is the intermediate level which is double the amount of what you will get in Silver.
  3. Platinum Level – Platinum is the hardest badge to earn and is of the highest value of all.

Where are Your Audible Badges?

To see your Audible badges, log in to the app and follow the steps below.

  • For iOS users. Tap Profile Icon, then click Me and then swipe left to see the Audible badge collection.
  • For Android users. You need to tap on the Hamburger menu, then click Stats and go to the Badge collection tab to view your audible badges.

If you click on the unlocked badges then you can know how you actually earned the badge.

But, if you click the locked badge then, (this is my favorite part :D) you will listen to a mystery poem that tells you how you can unlock the badge. Just like some Harry Potter spell or Jumanji riddle to solve.

Now, the question is how to solve these riddles and earn your Audible badge. Don’t worry, I’ve already covered that for you!

How to Earn Audible Badges

To earn Audible Badges, you have to do certain predefined things such as listening during the daytime or night time, listen for longer durations, or finish more audiobooks in a short span of time or you can try listening to multiple audiobooks.

Basically, Audible wants you to just need to listen to audiobooks all the time and every time. 😉

Here’s what you need to do to earn each of the audible badges at all three listening levels.

1. Social Butterfly

You can earn this badge by sharing your progress on Twitter and Facebook. The more you will share the higher will be the Audible achievement for you.

Social Butterfly Audible Badge

  • Silver – Shared 5 times
  • Gold – Shared 25 times
  • Platinum – Shared 100 times



2. Mount Everest

This Audible app badge can be earned by completing a 24-hour long audiobook.

Mount Everest Badge

  • Silver – Complete a 30-hour long audiobook
  • Gold  – Complete a 60-hour long audiobook
  • Platinum – Complete a 78-hour long audiobook



3. Stenographer

To earn this one you need to use bookmarks. You can earn the highest level by using as many bookmarks as you can.

Stenographer Audible badge

  • Silver – 10 Bookmarks
  • Gold – 40 Bookmarks
  • Platinum – 125 Bookmarks



4. Watchtower Badge

Now, this is one of the easiest Audible badges to earn. All you need to do is visit at your stats page and switch back. Keep doing this for over 50  times and get the audible reward.

Watchtower Badge

  • Silver – Visit your page for 50 times
  • Gold – Visit your page for 200 times
  • Platinum – Visit your page for 500 times



5. 7-day Stretch

This badge asks you to read two or more than two audiobooks within the period of a week.

7-day Stretch Badge

  • Silver – Finish 7 books in a week
  • Gold – Finish 15 books in a week
  • Platinum – Finish 50 in a week




6. Night Owl

You can also call Night Owl badge as All Nighter. It can be earned by listening to the audiobook of your choice for at least 8 hours during the course of the night.

Night Owl Audible Badge

  • Silver – Listen for 4 hrs at night
  • Gold – Listen for 6 hrs at night
  • Platinum – Listen for 8 hrs at night



7. Weekend Warrior

I think this audible badge is a tough one to earn (at least for me). Weekend Warrior can be earned if you will listen to an audiobook for at least 10 hours on a weekend.

Weekend Warrior Audible Badges

  • Silver – 5 hrs in a weekend
  • Gold – 10 hrs in a weekend
  • Platinum – 24 hrs in a weekend (I told you this is the tough one)



8. Repeat Listener

Repeat Listener badge asks you to listen to the same audiobook for three or more times either in a day or in a week. Oh now come on, you can earn this audible achievement easily!

 Repeat Listener Badge

  • Silver – Listen 3 times
  • Gold – Listen 10 times
  • Platinum – Listen 20 times



9. Marathoner

To earn this audible reward, Marathoner asks you to listen to the audible book for two or more consecutive hours in a day.

Marathoner Badge

  • Silver – 16 hrs constant listening to the audiobook
  • Gold – 18 hrs constant listening to the audiobook
  • Platinum – 24 hrs constant listening to the audiobook



10. High Noon

High Noon badge is earned when the user listens to a book for at least three hours in the lunchtime between 11 am – 3 pm. I think you would need a more cooperating boss to earn this.

High Noon Badge

  • Silver – 2 hrs during the Lunchtime
  • Gold – 3 hrs during the Lunchtime
  • Platinum – 4 hrs during the Lunchtime



11. The Closer

If you can complete an entire book in one session then you can earn The Closer badge.

The Closer Badge

  • Silver – Complete 1 book in a session
  • Gold – Complete 5 book in a session
  • Platinum – Complete 10 book in a session



12. Daily Dipper

It’s sort of daily dose of Audible. You need to listen to the audiobooks on any consecutive days of the week to earn Daily Dipper badge.

Daily Dipper Audible Badge

  • Silver – Listen for 7 consecutive days
  • Gold – Listen for 30 consecutive days
  • Platinum – Listen for 90 consecutive days



13. The Stack

The Stack badge asks you to collect 50 or more audiobooks in your Audible library. (Believe me, I would earn the gold level soon)

 The Stack Audible Badges

  • Silver – 50 books in the library
  • Gold – 200 books in the library
  • Platinum – 500 books in the library



14. The Nibbler

The Nibbler badge is awarded when you will complete listening to the three audiobooks in a day. To me, this badge is quite hard to earn but I have a trick for this. Choose the book titles of 5-10 minutes duration and then you can unlock this badge.

 Nibbler Badge

  • Silver – 3 different audiobooks in one day
  • Gold – 15 different audiobooks in one day
  • Platinum – 40 different audiobooks in one day



15. Dabbler

 Dabbler Badge

Many people ask about the Dabbler badge and how to achieve it. But the fact is, Audible has discontinued this badge and due to some technical fault or something it still appears on the badge collection list.


Important Points About Audible Badge Collection

Here are the important points you need to know about the audible badges and rewards.

  • Even if you uninstall the Audible app, you will not lose your rewards. These badges are stored in the Amazon Cloud and get synced on all the devices where you use the app.
  • Many people think sharing the Audible Library will affect their stats/badges. But there’s nothing like that. Every Audible account has its own stats and badges and cannot be shared or transferred to any other account.

That’s the whole Audible Badges collection list. I hope, like me, you will also do everything to earn these audible achievements and feel proud of it.

So, just keep listening to audiobooks and earn all the audible achievements badges!

If you have just joined Audible and still confused about which membership to choose then, have a look at my recent article on how does Audible work and its membership plans.

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  1. First off many people on here are right, it seems Audible just decides when you’ve done enough to get the badge. I’ve also noticed my timer is not always properly counting when I close out of my phone and get back on the audible app (w/o closing the actual app). I will watch my timer and listen for 20-40 minutes and get no credit (I have to close out of the app entirely & re-open it). I also can’t get the Social Butterfly or Watchtower badges and I know I’ve MORE than met the Requirements. ALSO THE DABBLER BADGE IS NOT DISCONTINUED, I JUST GOT AWARDED ONE YESTERDAY (DEC, 15th 2022)

  2. Everybody saying the author got them wrong… The requirements change as Audible decides to change them. You are grandfathered in to any you unlocked, and people who have not unlocked need to complete the new requirements.

    The colors of the badges changed too… or they are different for iOS vs Android. You will find dozens of articles with the old colors mentioned.

    Oddly, I’m pretty sure the more recent change to stats happened before this author posted the requirements… and ??‍♂️, who knows.

    Thanks to all for sharing so many tips.

    I unlocked “sampler” today for listening to samples on 10 books.

    Also unlocked “Alexa” for using it once to read my book. It reads in normal speed so I’m unsure if I’ll use her again unless I figure out how to change the Alexa speed for reading.

    I can’t seem to get Stack or Closer to unlock though I have more than 100 titles and listened to no less than a dozen books start to finish in one sitting no less. More than 50 books overall finished on this newer audible account (but not in one go)

    Still need to climb Everest 😉

    Only 3 I need.

  3. What’s the point? Reading/listening doesn’t have to be competitive. I’d rather have the space my 63 badges take up on my Kindle Fire as Amazon seems to be using every trick in their extensive book to prevent storage on my SD card. I came here to find out how to delete them but it seems I’m out of luck.

    • Because to some of us it’s fun little achievements not a competition at all. Just a simple fun little thing. No where does it say jts competitive just fun little achievements. Maybe you’re just fking boring. A simple little badge can be motivation to some maybe the will listen to something more often.

  4. The stack, watchtower and repeat listener I have done several times and have been unable to “achieve” them. What am I doing wrong?

  5. Nice! I’ve unlocked all but 3 of these. Although I’m not sure what level I’m at until I read the number of my progress on each one.

  6. This guide is decent but you got a few things incorrect. As some of the previous commenters have said you got the Levels wrong, the proper ones are as follows: if you haven’t earned the badge yet it’s black & grey, the 1st level you reach will color it in so it’s no longer black & grey, the next level will surround the badge with a silver ring , and the highest level will surround the badge with a gold ring, there is no platinum. So basically it’s no badge, achieve the badge, get a silver ring, then lastly get a gold ring. Besides that mistake you’re wrong on some of the times required to earn a badge. (Which on a couple I have no idea how you got them incorrect, cuz based on the pics of your badges that are listed you have the gold on it and if you were to click on said badge it would list the correct amount that you aquired to receive said badge, but you still put the wrong amount in your guide, this just baffles me.) Here’s the things I can verify that you got wrong by looking at what my achieved badges say:

    Mount Everest
    Now I’ve only gotten the 1st badge for this one but it says that I got it for listening to an audiobook that’s longer than 20hrs. Not 30hrs, but since your badges pic has the silver ring on it then maybe longer than 30hrs is how you got silver, & I can’t prove or disprove your gold requirement.

    7-Day Stretch
    I’ve achieved gold for this badge & it says that I received it by completing to at least 10 books in a week, not 15 and definitely not 50 like you listed, but what I don’t understand is that your badge pic shows that you achieved gold for this badge why didn’t you just click on your badge to see what the correct requirement for gold was.

    I’ve achieved gold for this badge & it says that I received it for listening for at least 8hrs straight, not for 24hrs, 18hrs, or even 16 hrs like you listed hell your lowest amount is double the amount needed to receive gold for Marathoner, & again your Badge pic shows that you’ve achieved silver for Marathoner, so it should show you a significantly lower time requirement than 18hrs or even 16hrs like you listed.

    High Noon
    I’ve achieved gold for this badge & it says that I received it for having listened for at least 3hrs during Lunchtime, so I’m pretty sure that silver was for at least 2hrs during Lunchtime, & regular was for at least 1hr during Lunchtime, not 2hrs, 3hrs, & 4hrs like you listed.

    On a side note for anyone who reads this comment this badge requires 3hrs of accumulated time listened during lunchtime(between 12pm & 1pm any day of the week) not at one time. The same thing applies to the Night Owl & Weekend Warrior Badges, it’s not 8hrs in one night or 24hrs in one weekend, but 8hrs listened to at night & 24 accumulated hrs done on Saturdays & Sundays. Just thought that might help.

    The Closer
    I’ve achieved gold for this badge & it says that I received it for having listened to at least 5 complete audiobooks from start-to-finish, not 10 like you listed, but again you did have 5 listed for gold but your gold is in the silver spot so I still think you just f-d up on most of these.

    I hope that this comment helps some of the people who read this guide & are still having trouble.

  7. Ribbons and trophies are no comfort on your deathbed {Auntie Ovenfresh; The Simpsons}

    Yeah Auntie? Did you ever have a audible account, a thirst for literature, and a competitive nature?
    I think not.

  8. Great guide! 🙂 One critique: you have the rankings wrong:

    The first rank isn’t “silver”; it’s just getting the badge at all (no silver or gold ring around it).

    The second rank isn’t “gold”; it’s “silver”.

    The third rank isn’t “platinum”; it’s “gold”.

    There is no rank in Audible beyond “gold”.

    I know this because I’ve achieved the highest quantity required for each badge except for 2 (Social butterfly and Dabbler) and all those badges have gold rings around them.

    So instead of:
    silver – listen for 7 consecutive days
    gold – listen for 30 consecutive days
    platinum – listen for 90 consecutive days
    (on Daily Dipper, for example)
    it’s actually:
    get the badge – listen for 7 consecutive days
    silver – listen for 30 consecutive days
    gold – listen for 90 consecutive days

  9. I was trying to upgrade my High Noon badge from gold to platinum. I tried 5 times listening 5 and 6 hours over noon . I could not upgrade so I contacted Audible and asked about it . I quote ” Upon checking our resources, I can confirm that the highest medal that you can acquire on all the badges is GOLD . ” They then stated the 3 hour badge that I had was the highest that High Noon offered .

    • HI James, Thanks for putting up the question. As you have already checked with the support team that the highest upgrade one can go with High noon is the gold. So we have to do a little bit of research on this one also we will be getting in touch with amazon team from our side. Rest assured we will be updating you about our findings soon.

    • I’ve had the same results on many of the badges, some I cant seem to get at all. No matter what I do the highest level given to me is gold regardless of which badge it is.

      • Because gold is the highest you can achieve. There is no level above gold. Level 1 is acquiring the badge. Level 2 is silver (silver ring). Level 3 is gold (gold ring). And that’s it.


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