Why is life so complicated? Think and Simplify.

Why is life so complicated? Think and Simplify

Life is a dish offered to the mankind. Its recipe constitutes the unique ¬†ingredients you could ever find on this planet. Every time you taste it, you get to know it a little better, but different, and that’s the fun of having it again and again.

It allures you to have it more and more and eventually it becomes the addiction. You know inside of yourself that one day you will be left with nothing but just a taste of it, still you try to eat it so fast that you are not aware of the definite end.

Here is a beautiful quote from Caryl Churchill that points out Why is life so complicated?

You’re pretending this isn’t your life. You think it’s going to happen some other time. When you’re dead you’ll realize you were alive now.


Why is life so complicated? Think and Simplify.


For the days that gone by, for the places that has never been explored.

Every swoosh tells the beautiful story, or either it will roar.

Is it the life that complicates the living? or is it the living that is complicated?

The foremost story told is clear with the definite end, but still the human pretends to be the unknown or to be shown.

There is no fun in moving fast if you get to reach last.

There is no fun in earning as you already know the end is yearning.

Still the race goes fine, everyone did participate, but few gets to shine.

If it has to be simple, then why the race, as we can run carrying our happy face.

Very soon everything will turn into ash and there will be a new song of life’s mesh.


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