Chapter 2 | Meditation – Knowing Inside Out


In my last chapter, I told about the  beginning of palmistry. Initially, I did not trust the science of palmistry. Though I had seen many hands myself. My trust built up when I asked about my lines from my guru late Pt. Hari Prashad ji. He told me some specific dates for my job and marriage. I don’t remember the marriage date that he has mentioned, but yes, the date which he mentioned for my job was exactly the same day I got my first job.

I did not notice the date which he mentioned as it was in future. To my surprise when I got my first appointment letter it carried the same date which he mentioned 22-04-2001. And you know what is the importance of this date. It falls on Sunday. The HR was also shocked how can they give the joining date on Sunday as its a holiday. And, from that day, I started believing in astrology, palmistry and spirituality.

Though my journey of spirituality did not start then and there but, I think it sparked a light in my heart….in my soul.

I started googling the hands of famous personality to enhance my knowledge. But as I got busy in my job the passion for palmistry died. Though, the people who knew that I used to be palmist, they still show me their hands. And now its very rare I see any hand. Now the question comes, when I lost my interest in astrology or palmistry, then how come I moved to the path of sprituality. Afterall they all seems to walk hand in hand.

Will give you insight in my next chapter.
Till then remain calm and cool. Which will help to lead towards this journey ‘within’.
Thanks. Your comments and critics are welcome.




  1. As I said, seems interesting in my last comment to your first blog. Actually, it is, interest is building up. Eagerly waiting for next chapter.


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