Chapter 5 | Meditation : Experiencing Vipassana

Meditation : Experiencing Vipassana

In my previous chapters, I talked about how I started Meditation and my journey towards the inner self. I came quite far in this journey and found myself eager to learn more. In this chapter, I am going to reveal my Vipassana experiences and the discoveries of Chakras.

Experiencing Vipassana

The actual journey started one year back, in 2015, when I got the chance to attend Vipassana at Dehradun. It was a 10 days program and that’s with complete noble silence. No phones, no laptops, no iPads, no televisions and on top ” No Talk” .
You may wonder what is the requirement of all these things. Why complete silence and what is this noble silence? But, this is not the only thing… there were some more challenges, especially for people like me.


“Early to bed and early to rise.”


What a disciplined schedule. Waking up at 3:30 AM. Getting fresh, bathing, washing clothes,etc… and by 4:00AM sitting in the Dhamma hall. Again the best part was sitting cross legs and that’s without changing the legs for next one hour. This has to be practised 2 times a day beside regular meditation continuing till 9:00PM. Though there were breaks too for lunch etc. Nonetheless, I didn’t give up and wanted to experience Vipassana to the depth.


Initially, we were asked to concentrate on our breaths. Sounds easy right? But, when I started it, I ended with my concentration on the other end of the world. And, to my surprise, the lack of concentration is not happening in hours or so; It was happening in a fraction of seconds. Every time I tried to concentrate on my breath, I found instead of focussing on the breath I am thinking everything else… Uff!!! I was trying to bring my senses to my breath and it was running away every single second.


For the first two days, I do not understand anything and my Vipassana experience was going all wrong. I was just looking at other people if they were also sailing on the same boat. But, they seemed to be very concentrated and I felt like it was only me who is unable to concentrate. What a terrible moment. I thought I have done some mistake by coming here.


But then on the third day, I could somehow concentrate on my breath along with the first touch while inhaling and exhaling. It was the first time after days of practising Vipassana, I actually felt my WOW experience!!! Then, by practising more, I found it was not that difficult.


By the fifth day, I was feeling bored by this practise/activity unless we got to do something new “The sensations” in our whole body. I start to practise it even when going to bed and during rest time. I remember one incident which happened with me which build my trust on this. Before going for the Vipassana one of my toe fingers got numbed. During vipassana session when I was practising sensation techniques, I took my concentration towards the same toe finger to see if I could feel something or not.


Initially, there were no sensations but by the end of the seventh day, I started feeling some sensations. While lying on my bed, I again took my concentration there and this time, I could feel strong sensations. But, then I thought it may be my assumptions only. So I did not pay any special attention there. But I was sure that this is working and the numbness is reducing.


It was the eighth day, after lunch time when I was practising meditation in “Pagoda” ( a special cell where a single person does the meditation), I felt like my spinal chord started hurting badly and that pain started going from head to back. I somehow did not loose my patience and continued the practice.


Suddenly, I felt like my head was getting stiffed and something like needles was pinching me and then there was a sudden pain in my belly. What an unbearable pain. I felt like my head is going to explode and then suddenly the lower part of my belly started heating. I do not understand what it was. But, I was unable to do anything as my whole body got stiffed.


Soon, I felt like some cold sensations in my nerves, I don’t remember if it was in back or stomach but I got relieved from that sensations by more concentration on other parts of the body. Then suddenly the lower part of my abdomen again got heated up and a strong sensation came from my head to bottom from my back and that time I could felt that the bone marrow of my body is travelling through my spine from top to bottom.


What a terrible experience!!! I felt like to come out of this situation but, something holding me back. What was it? Why I felt so heated or so cold? What were those sensations? Was it something related to chakras? What more had happened?


Wait for my next chapter on amazing experience on opening my chakras. Till then thank you so much for your patience and your love.
‌May you be happy, may you be well. Just live in the  present and enjoy.





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