The Mirage Of Chained life against the Unstoppable time

It is alive when you feel disconnected. The thoughts, the emotions all burnt up as you see the road upside down to the mountains alone. It is easier living that way, it is easier that way to be a part of something which you never want to be part of.

If becoming the wild is the only way to the enlightenment of oneself, then it truly has to be searched and enjoyed.
Life does not waits for slow neither for fast. It just swallows all of us at once. It’s better to fall rather than resting on a bullshit butt. Climb a mountain, get over on the red, get naked to the beauty around.

If it ever calls for the right name, then you must enunciate yours to have the crown.
The real life illusion is very hard to evacuate from, many have tried to become the masters, but few got the realm of freedom and left just be the marionette of time.

Sometimes, all start to become meaningless. The voices that flow around doesn’t mean anything just mere an unheard growls.

There is a life that is hidden beneath a small flower, wherein passes the sun ray that reflects the living out of it, it skillfully grows into an accent. But the same flower lost somewhere behind the fading sun rays, which have now became the moonlight of night.

Even a thought to let everything occupy you, let everything takes you to the small place where you can look at yourself more as compared to the living reflections.

Release the power that holds you, be something that you eyed of, a desire for something that you wish of, pledge to be the part of this world and yearn to be the victim of life.

It is all you find nature, it is all you find the silence, and at the end, it will share the dead broken with the green living.

Live Nature. Live among silence where you can find yourself. Live now or live never.



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