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deanna dewey author interview

Author Deanna Dewey: Writing with Cinematic Style for Young Kids

In the crowd of self-published works, there are some really talented indie authors who deserve the limelight. We are happy to introduce our readers to Author Deanna Dewey who certainly fits the description with...
tim hatch author interview

Author Tim Hatch: Writing Books for Young Gen to Find God’s Plan

It is not easy to comprehend the wisdom in religious books for today's generation as they were written hundreds of years ago. Author and Pastor Tim Hatch is making it right by putting Christian...
annette stephenson author interview

Author Annette Stephenson: A Self-taught Clean Romance Novelist

While self-publishing services have made it easier for anyone to write a book, only a handful of self-taught authors are able to write and self-publish a brilliant novel. Author Annette Stephenson is one of...

Author Herb Marlow: Keeping Texan history alive with 65+ books

Most popular authors today have a bibliography of a maximum of 8-10 books. But, when an author crosses 50+ published books, there has to be something legendary about them.Let us introduce you to one...

Author Subra Mukherjee: Guiding Young Women with Inspiring Fiction

No matter how good a writer a man is, only a female author can mirror the true stories of women and their lives. And, thankfully, now we see many talented female authors who bring...
pawan badlani author interview

Author Pawan Badlani: Brings Lessons from 12 Life Coaches in 1 Book

In today's fast-paced life, it's difficult to read a dozen self-help books on different aspects of life. Can you? Obviously not. Meet Pawan Badlani, an author who made it possible by bringing 12 international...
puneet pundir author interview

Author Puneet Pundir: Adding Ancient Spirituality into Contemporary Fiction

Many authors have written about spiritual journeys but when this subject is fictionalized with an effectual character, we get masterpieces (such as The Prophet). Although not every author can recreate such magic, we are...
akshay punjabi author interview

Author Akshay Punjabi: Made his Failure into a Life-lesson Book

It is said that we must learn from our failures; be it life, business, or relationships. But, not many believe in sharing their failure story to help others learn important lessons of life. Meet...
hanisha varma author interview

Author Hanisha Varma: Turning Real-Life Experiences to Short Stories

An important purpose of literature is to show the mirror to society. And, modern-day authors play an important role in doing that. We are proud to introduce you to one such author - Hanisha...
chirasree bose author interview

Author Chirasree Bose: Writing Top-rated Books across Genres

Most fiction authors normally stick to one genre like Stephen King (horror) and Agatha Christie (mystery). The reason is its hard for one author to write stories in different genres.But, today on Vowelor, we...

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