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Author Trevor H. Lund

Author Trevor H. Lund: Spinning a web of time and space in sci-fi

Ever thought about the possibility of a multiverse with paranormal elements in it, hidden from the regular world we know of? Soul Seers by author Trevor H. Lund explores the possibility of a situation...
dr david steven author interview

Author Dr. David Stevens: Helping People Make Their Relationships Better

Love and relationships are complex territories and that's why there are a lot of self-help books to help people with romantic relationships. Renowned pastor and author Dr. David R.L. Stevens recently published one such...
Author Nikki A. Lamers

Author Nikki A. Lamers: Making us remember our crazy high school love stories

The Unforgettable Summer is a contemporary fiction novel by author Nikki A. Lamers and was published in the year 2014. The adorable love story will take all of us back to our high school...
Author Charley Black

Author Charley Black: Keeping us hooked to her paranormal romances

Entwined Within the Darkness is a fantasy fiction novel by author Charley Black, published in the year 2022. The story follows Patience, a powerful witch who's on a quest to uncover her past and...
Author Michel Waylander

Author Michel Waylander: Giving readers the most amazing fantasy romances

The Phoenix and the Carpenter is a fantasy novel by author Michel Waylander, published in 2021. It follows a phoenix named Zaiya, who descended to the ground to search for a mate who would...
Author Lynne Podrat

Author Lynne Podrat: Portraying the realities of disability and family

Listen to Me is a memoir by the author Lynne Podrat which was published in the year 2021. It follows Lynne’s relationship with her younger brother, Bruce, who was born with a genetic disorder,...
Author K.Redd

Author K. Redd: Urging readers to dive into compelling crime thrillers

Double Play is a crime thriller novel by author K. Redd, which was published in August 2022. The book follows a set of identical twins, Ryan and Brian Wright. The brothers have been inseparable...
Author Nancy R. Poland

Author Nancy R. Poland: Appreciating resilience shown by caregivers

Remarkable Caregiving by the author Nancy R. Poland is a compilation of the lives of six caregivers who ventured on the path of caregiving and came out from the other end as better and...
Author M.J. Hardy

Author M.J. Hardy: Keeping us up at nights with his crime stories

Author M.J. Hardy is one author who has successfully changed our perspectives for good for the true-crime based novels with his book, Sleep Baby Sleep. Loosely based on the 1970s infamous unsolved Oakland County...
Author Marvin North

Author Marvin North: Giving us a new outlook towards dystopian fantasy genre

Searching for the Eminent: March of the Meek is the first installment of a dystopian fantasy trilogy by the author Marvin North. It was published in the year 2019 and follows a thirteen years...

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