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unstoppable my life so far by maria sharapova


The Russian tennis star, Maria Sharapova, has written her first book, Unstoppable, which is her autobiography. The book is about her remarkable journey from being an immigrant in the US to how she became World’s No.1 Female Tennis player. Maria Sharapova’s autobiography, Unstoppable: My Life So Far, gives insights into her career, family, and personal life. The book is set to release on 12 Sep 2017.

Book Review : Unstoppable by Maria Sharapova

In her autobiography, Unstoppable: My Life So Far, Maria Sharapova writes candidly and shares all the events in her life that led her where she is today. Be it her father, her coaches, friends, boyfriends or her competitors, Maria talks about everything.

At the age of 17, Maria Sharapova became an overnight sensation when she beat Serena Williams to win Wimbledon in a shocking match in 2004. That win made almost anonymous Maria Sharapova an internationally recognized tennis star. But that wasn’t as simple as it seems. It was the result of hard work and struggle of years.

Unstoppable by Maria Sharapova begins as Maria writes how her father, who liked tennis as a youngster, saw Maria’s natural potential on neighbor’s court and decided to make her a professional tennis player. Living in a small town in Russia, Maria’s dad took her to Florida with just seven hundred dollars. Florida is famous for Tennis academies and after a few fortunate events, Maria got into IMG Academy.

After a lot of training with coaches and her father’s support, Maria sharpened her game to perfection. In 2004, when defeated Serena Williams, she was the third youngest tennis player to win Wimbledon. And then she never looked back and won four more grand slam events. In her autobiography, Unstoppable: My Life So Far, Maria also writes about her professional challenges, several crucial matches and her rivalry with Serena Williams.

In this autobiography, Maria Sharapova also reveals her feelings when she was banned from playing Tennis for a scary period of 15 months. She also writes how it was a blessing in disguise and helped her bounce back much higher than before.

Unstoppable: My Life So Far by Maria Sharapova (Cover Release)

Apart from being an inspirational memoir, Unstoppable by Maria Sharapova is also an interesting insight into the lives of immigrants and what it takes to achieve something being an outsider. For tennis lovers, Maria Sharapova’s autobiography is a sneak peek into her on-court and off-court life.

This is a pre-release review of Unstoppable by Maria Sharapova and will be updated after the release date i.e. 12 Sep 2017. Meanwhile, you can pre-order your copy on Amazon

About the Author: Maria Sharapova

Born in 1987, Maria Sharapova is a Russian Tennis Player and winner of multiple Tennis tournaments including 5 Grand Slam titles. She has also been the World No. 1 Female tennis player. Maria’s career has been full of ups and down including injuries and suspension. But she always returned to the game one step better. She published her autobiography, Unstoppable: My Life So Far in 2017.

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