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Book Review : My First Kitchen by Vikas Khanna

My First Kitchen by Vikas Khanna, the renowned chef, is an expert guide for setting up the first kitchen in your house and start your culinary journey in the best possible way. Vikas Khanna’s new book, My First Kitchen, is scheduled to release in April 2017.

In the book My First Kitchen, Vikas Khanna not only tells you how to set up your very first Kitchen in your new house but also teaches how to cook marvelous food in quick and easy steps. As the name suggests, My First Kitchen is especially for those who are new to the culinary landscape but wish to achieve.

Chef Vikas Khanna with his new book, My First Kitchen, gonna personally direct you in beginning you culinary career. He describes how to pick the best produce, learn to cut, chop and preserve and puree—all the processes that every beginner finds too intimidating. My First Kitchen by Vikas Khanna is the only book you will need to begin your culinary journey.

This is a pre-release review of My First Kitchen by Vikas Khanna and will be updated after the release. The book, My First Kitchen is set to release on 30 Apr 2017. Meanwhile, you can order your copy on Amazon.


About the Author : Vikas Khanna

Born in 1971, Vikas Khanna is a famous Indian-American Chef, Restaurateur, and a bestselling food author and TV host. Vikas was born in Amritsar, India and studied Hotel Administration from Manipal University in 1991.

Vikas Khanna is best known for his appearance in MasterChef India through various seasons. He has worked in top hotels like Taj, Oberoi, Leela group and also cooked with best chefs including Gordon Ramsay. He has a profound interest in writing and has written more than two dozen books including Ustav.  Vikas’s latest book My First Kitchen is releasing in April 2017.

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