Mirror in the Sky

Book Review : Mirror in the Sky by Aditi Khorana

Aditi Khorana has cleverly portrayed a typical sci-fi novel with an emotional touch. The Mirror in the Sky is about the whole aftermath when the characters of the story get to know about a groundbreaking discovery.  Scientists have found an inhabited planet that co-exists in a parallel universe and everyone here on Earth has become obsessed with making contact with their mirror images on the new planet.

Among all the hustle there’s a girl, Tara Krishnan, who doesn’t fit in anywhere – not in her community not in her community, neither at school, not even with her best friend. A whole scientific discovery event overhauls her and her parent’s life in an interesting way. It is decisive to the changes that Tara Krishnan, her family and her friends go through during the complete novel written Aditi Khorana



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