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Fearless in Oppostion

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Book Review : Fearless in Opposition by P. Chidambaram

Fearless in Opposition is a book written by P. Chidambaram, the former Finance Minister of India and a senior Congress politician. The book, Fearless in Opposition  by P. Chidambaram, is a collection of selected and most incisive essays of the former union minister published as a weekly column in the Indian Express in 2016.

P. Chidambaram’s book, Fearless in Opposition analyses the important issues ranging from economics to politics in India. The book answers various questions that have risen into the minds of common people of the country. Be it the issue of Nationalism, Government policies or Demonetization, P. Chidambaram has answered everything in an inimitable and witty manner for what he is known for.

Fearless in Opposition by P. Chidambaram proves to be one the most important Political book of the year. Mr Chidambaram is known for in-depth analysis and fair comments inside the Parliament as well as outside.

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One of the most important political book of the year!

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About the Author : P. Chidambaram

P. Chidambaram is a former Union Minister of Finance and Home in the Government of India led by UPA. Currently, he heads the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home Affairs. Also, P. Chidambaram is an eminent lawyer practicing in the Supreme Court.

As public intellectual and author, he has written several books and columns. His recent work includes Standing Guard: A Year in Opposition published in 2016. He also writes a weekly column on various national issues and current affairs in ‘The Indian Express’.


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