About: Ravinder Singh

    About Ravinder Singh
    Ravinder Singh, Author

    About the Author: Ravinder Singh

    Ravinder Singh has been ruling the Romance section for past couple of years and has become a teen heartthrob of the nation. Ravinder Singh has five novels to his credit; all showcasing Love and different aspects of Life.

    He is an Engineer, an MBA and has worked in Microsoft before his passion made him a full-time author. Married to Khushboo, who was one of the readers moved by his first novel, I too had a Love story. Ravinder Singh Books are widely accepted as one of the best romantic novels by the readers.




    1. This Love that Feels Right (2016)

    2. Tell Me A Story (2015)

    3. Your Dreams Are Mine Now (2014)

    4. Like It Happened Yesterday (2013)

    5. Love Stories That Touched My Heart (2012)

    6. Can Love Happen Twice (2012)

    7. I Too Had A Love Story (2011)

    Lalit Sharma
    Engineer • Writer • Entrepreneur • On a hunt for the magic of words & technology!!


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