Books vs TV: 11 Reasons Books are Better than Television

Books or Television? Did you say Books? Awesome, you’re totally our kind of person. If not than you better read this post. Books have been the first source of entertainment ever since humans learnt to write. Televisions are rather the new comers. I know TVs are now  an essential household thing that serves you tailored entertainment but for all its charms, TV will never be books. Books are better than Television and will always be.

Still doubt it? I am gonna prove it loud and clear that books are better than TV and you will agree. Let me tell you 11 reasons why books are way cooler than that idiot-box sitting in your living room.

11 Reasons Why Books Are Better Than Television

Here’s eleven undeniable reasons that will make you believe that Books are better than television. Let’s start the fight of Books vs Television.

1. Every Book is UNIQUE to every Reader.


11 Reasons Books are Than Television
No matter what you choose. It’ll be unique.

Everything you watch on a television is pretty same for every viewer and pretty lame too. But Books are absolutely unique for every person who reads it. Each reader sees his own unique world in a book. That’s what make books better than television.


2. Books really give you WINGS.


11 Reasons Books are Than Television
Yesss… Wings!!!

Well, Redbull has its own benefits but Books are something that actually give you wings. Just pick up a good book and get onto the journey from paradises to fairy lands and even space! Which Television does it ever? None.


3. Books have NO ADS or Breaks.


Here’s another thing that makes books better than television – Advertisements. Remember how those nonsense ads disturb you on an occasionally good TV show? Try reading a book and you won’t complain again. I made my point!


4. And NO TIMINGS unlike TV shows.

So you are travelling or working overtime and your favorite TV show didn’t wait for you? Alas. Guess what, books don’t have timings. Read them whenever you want; wherever you want and however you want. Believe me folks, Books are better!


5. Books open up Your IMAGINATION.


11 Reasons Books are Than Television
You see the DIFFERENCE?

You use all your senses including brain while you read a book. Another thing that make books better than television. When you’re reading a book, it kicks off your imagination. But when you just sit on the couch and binge watch your television, it’s totally unimaginative.


6. Books make you SPELL champ! Can TV?

That’s a plus for books over television. Books go through a series of editing and proofing. And it’s fairly good to believe everything written in a book is spelled right. Reading books will help you learn them in one go.


7.  And embellishes one’s idiosyncratic lexicon.

I mean Vocabulary. Not just spellings, books boosts your vocabulary subconsciously while you enjoy the book. Isn’t that way better than just watching the television and searching for subtitles? LOL.


8. No Electricity. No Television. Books Win.


11 Reasons Books are Better Than Television
That’s what you should do!

If you still don’t agree that books are better than television than this one will convince you. Televisions are just a box of electronic junk if there’s no electricity. And Books… you can read them on a deserted island and even on moon.


9. Books fit in your BAG.

Yeah, you can never carry your television in your bag unless you are pizza delivery guy. But books can be your best friend who will accompany you everywhere you sitting comfortably in your bag. Now, you agree that books are better television? No. there are two more left.


10. Books have an END. For sure!

How annoying it is when they stretch a TV show for no reason. And even your favorite TV series could seem pathetic because of that. But buddy, a 300 page book will definitely end after the 299th page. No drama. no nothing.


11. A Good BOOK = A Good SLEEP.


11 Reason Books are Better than Television
Sharing Bed with Books.. PEACE!

After this one you definitely have to agree that books are better than television. A Good book especially romantic books makes up for a soothing lullaby that takes to world of sweet dreams comfortably. While late night TV gives you nothing but headache and sleepless night.


Well, that’s the end but I can tell you hundred more reasons if still don’t agree that books are better than TV. And If you agree then you must share this post. In case you have more say on Books vs Television, then drop your thoughts in comments.

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  1. Kinda old post but meh. I like both lol.

    Here’s some more points:
    1. This is true, though writing could also miss what the writer intends you to imagine, whereas TV will always “show something”. It depends on the quality of the writing though, I guess..
    2. Television does do that though, especially animated shows.
    3. True ads suck. But some services like Netflix don’t have ads. Though, I guess you have to pay monthly.
    4. Just stream the show.
    5. Shows can too, like predicting what could happen next, context, or the history of something. Books can do this too though.
    6. True lol
    7. True. Unless you watch word girl. xD
    8. Can you read books in the dark? But true.
    9. Phones lol
    10. Oh true. I hate padding for time, but books can do it too with long, drawn out unnecessary details and bad pacing. Also, when a book ends, they can just keep releasing books for the same series lol
    11. True. There are some good TV shows to help you fall asleep, but the lights could make it harder.



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