Lethal White will be JK Rowling's the next Strike novel

Lethal White will be JK Rowling’s the next Strike novel

For all those who are waiting for JK Rowling aka Robert Galbraith’s fourth Strike novel, here’s something great for you. JK Rowling just announced the title of the next novel in the Cormoran Strike series.

On 14 Mar 2017, JK Rowling took twitter by storm. A fan casually asked about some hint for the name of the next Strike novel to which the bestselling author, JK Rowling, actually replied with a hint!

JK Rowling’s Fourth Strike novel will be Lethal White; announced via Twitter puzzle.

Here’s what she wrote giving a fill-in-the-blanks hint about the fourth Strike novel name to the fans.


Then came a flurry of tweets from JK Rowling’s fans guessing everything they could about the title of next Strike novel which JK Rowling writes under the pseudonym of Robert Galbraith. The guess went from very close ones to absolutely bizarre and Rowling constantly replied whether they were right or not.

In case you missed JK Rowling’s puzzle frenzy, here’s all the scoop.



And then she gave something more to make it easier for fans.



Finally, after thousands of tweets and replies, a fan finally got the title of next Strike novel absolutely correct.


This didn’t end here too! JK Rowling offered a signed copy of Lethal White, the next Strike novel, to the fan who guessed the name correctly. She asked the user to sent the address in her inbox.


So, When will the Lethal White (The Cormoran Strike Novel) release?

Actually, JK Rowling didn’t give any clue on the release date of the Lethal White – the next Strike novel. But, after all the fun on twitter, JK Rowling told about the progress of the book. JK Rowling made it clear that she is writing the Chapter 23 and gonna finish it soon!



Feeling excited? We’re too!! Share the news like a true muggle! Have something to say? Drop your thoughts on the Lethal White in the comments.

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  1. Awesome!! I am excited as hell… And the puzzle.. just superbbb way to get fans excited.. I am soo waiting for Lethal White the next Cormoran Strike novel.
    P.s. i made a wild guess too.. haha!

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Lethal White will be JK Rowling’s the next Strike novel

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