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Sharon R. Walton
Nate & Super Duper Pajama Kids Adventure

Shubhra Shah
Leatherback and the Strange Place

Carl V. Dupre
A 12 Story Asylum

Puneet Pundir
Fifteen Minutes, Fifteen Seconds

Odingas C. Anyabuike Jr.
Are You the Author- Rity of Your Life?

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Vowelor is different from other companies that just try to take advertising money. They are invested in my success, offer a variety of services, and provide a timeline of activities. They also keep me on track, which is appreciated.

Nancy R. Poland

Remarkable Caregiving

Author Nancy R. Poland

Book promoters like Vowelor are important to authors, especially ones that are emerging. It’s impossible to develop a following without getting the word out.

Jeffrey Veatch

The Dyer Island Boys

author jeffrey veatch

My contacts at Vowelor have been super helpful and encouraging. Their service is a great help and great value for new authors!

Crystal Savage Taylor

More than Me (Vol. 2)

author crystal savage traylor

It helps to have a mentor to guide you through the process for the first time. I was lucky enough to find one.

James Goddard

Ellie's Magical Cats

author james goddard

Five out of five stars! I’m new to the whole published author scene, so there is a lot that I’m still learning. Guneet Chawla has been very patient and helpful. Hopefully, with Vowelor’s help in the advertising and marketing departments, I’ll see an increase in popularity and sales!

A.C. Mooney

Mirror's Ecko

Author AC Mooney

Vowelor has been a huge benefit to me. I love how they support each part of my book as well as me as an author. I truly appreciate all their efforts! Thank you!

Nikki A. Lamers

The Unforgettable Summers

Author Nikki A Lamers

I think this is an amazing platform for budding writers to promote their work. Also, a great medium for readers to connect with each other.

Nina Lekhi

Founder, Baggit

Nina Lekhi

I’m so glad Vowelor approached me about doing a promotion. The services they provide cover so many areas and it’s affordable, even for an indie author like me just getting started. They’ve been really easy to work with and I would recommend them.

C.J. Anderson


I was delighted to learn about Vowelor and engaged their support with my book. Marketing is not an area of expertise I possess. I appreciate the support in making the most of social media, reviews, and ads. Vowelor is a reputable company with skilled staff assisting me with their kind professionalism. I am grateful to them.

Pattie Manente

Brady and the Backyard Monster

author pattie manente

Vowelor has been wonderful to work with and really helped with marketing. I’m glad I found them.

Charlie Black

Entwined Within Darkness

Author Charley Black

Vowelor has been very helpful in seeing that my book promotion goes through smoothly, become readily available for potential readers to find, review, and engage in conversations. I’ll indeed recommend other authors to try Vowelor without question.

Odingas C. Anyabuike Jr.

Are you the Author-rity of Your Life

Odingas C Anyabuike Jr

A platform that has given me self-expression without imposing itself on me. Known for patience and understanding, I’ve not seen a better promotional platform. Thank you for this opportunity, Vowelor.

Victor Mairo


Author Victor Mairo

Your website looks exciting, Very interesting content. I wish Vowelor to be one of the big things to come in near future. Best wishes!

Arpit Vageria

I Still Think About You

Arpit Vageria

Vowelor has been a wonderful resource to me. I’m very thankful and fortunate to work with this company. I believe they want to see my book find success as much as I do. I’m quite grateful!

Julie Navickas

I Loved You Yesterday

author julie navickas

Vowelor is a good platform for authors to promote their work and create necessary collaterals. It is a value-for-money service and I am sure more and more authors will benefit from it.

Rajiv Shah


author rajiv shah

Friendly, professional, and easy to work with.

Trevor H. Lund

Soul Seers

Author Trevor Lund

Vowelor has been a wonderful experience and helpful. Like a great editor, they make me better.

M.J. Hardy

Sleep, Baby, Sleep

Author M.J. Hardy

This has been a great experience so far. The people I’ve encountered are very helpful and friendly. I would love to work with Vowelor again on my next project.

Carl V. Dupre

Sleep, Baby, Sleep

Author Carl V. Dupre

I am very impressed by their enthusiasm and commitment to support authors.

Vinquita Romaine

Evil at the Core

Author Vinquita Romaine

I feel blessed to have the most reliable, consistent and efficient Vowelor team as a part of my journey of Genius in Making.

Akankssha Arora

Genius in Making

Author Akankssha Arora

Vowelor is a wonderful platform to exchange ideas & dialogues between the writers and readers. Live session was great!

Anita Krishnan

Despite Stolen Dreams

Author Anita Krishan

And many more...

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