Donate Your Book

3 Simple Ways


Just Tweet!

Yeah! We made it that easy. All you need to do is to tweet to us using #DonateMyRead. We will connect with you and make your books reach to what it deserves the most – A Reader. Simple enough, tap the twitter bird and give life to your reads again or follow us @IAmVowelor


Via Facebook!

Now you can use Facebook to donate your Book. Like our Facebook Page and drop us a message to donate your books. We’ll take care of the rest. Hit the FB icon to reach out to us on Facebook for book donations and more! Stay Updated. #BeAVowelor


Tell us here!

Want it to be more easy? Fill out this small form below telling us the some details and you’re good to go. We will revert you back at the earliest and make sure your donated book gets to someone who needs it. Why Wait?? #GetSetRead


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