How to Write a Good Poem – Step by Step Guide

How to write a Poem
Learn How to Write Poems with this interesting step by step guide. Are you ready to write your first poem?

The best thing about writing a poem is, you are never incorrect. There is nothing like a bad poem or a good poem. It’s just the perception of the reader and the emotions of the poet.

If you want to write a good poem just spill your feelings on the white canvas and color it in any way you wish to.

Writing poetry is not a difficult task to do when you are well versed with the literary techniques used to compare two different objects.

But, there is no doubt that writing Good poetry is an art that one should learn or adapt to write a good rhyming poem.

There are many different unique styles of writing poetry that depends on the person who is writing it. There is no age or qualification needed for writing a good poem, all you have to do is let your thoughts and emotions rhyme through the words.

One can learn poetry writing tips if he is not good at expressing his thoughts or have fewer poetry ideas.

In this Article, you will go through a Step by Step Guide about “How to Write a Good Poem”.

How to Write a Good Poem?

How to write a good rhyming poetry - Step by step guide

1. Writing Exercise for Creative Poetry

Creative poetry writing requires practice and it is not a one night job, it requires patience and consistency. It works on the principle of ‘Practice makes a man perfect’, the more you give time to your poetry writing the more you get nourished.

To write a good poem you have to explore your inner self and give a look to the things placed around, be it a flower or a thing dear to you, define it in your words with a creative poem.

Try, try and try!

After a few attempts at rhyming the words, you will see positive growth in your Poetry Writing Skills.

2. Get Inspired by Nature & People Around

The inspiration you get from the environment around will definitely be going to help you further in developing good poetry writing skill.

You can always go to your favorite spot carrying pen and paper to pen down the thoughts of your mind. Observe other people lifestyle and you can cherish the beauty of nature by writing good poetry describing the view.

3. Write about your Love life

Love is the essential ingredient to draft a beautiful poem. Till now, if you haven’t give yourself a chance to write your first poem, then you can definitely explore the subject of love to write your First love poem. Who knows, it could become your ultimate forte.

You can take instances from your love life where you have experienced love and friendship. Weave those magical moments into a spellbinding poem. 

4. Choose a Specific theme or Idea for Good Poetry Writing

It is wisely said, don’t do it until you really want to. Similarly, it is very important to know what you really want to write about, in short, you need to know about your interest.

Once you dig out for the theme & Idea for good poetry writing, half of the job is said to be completed. Because you will be going to write a creative poem on the subject of your interest.

5. Set a Poetic Form

Shape your poem with the poetic forms in which you are comfortable in writing. Poetic form is the physical structure of the poem. The structure helps in deciding the flow of the poem.

You can use different poetic forms in the poem like sonnet, ballad, lyric, epic, and other poetic forms which make the words cohesive for the readers.

Different themes of the poems use different poetic forms and help in writing a good poem.

6. Avoid Cliches

The essence of poetry is how you present imaginations in the most lively and original way. You need not follow the most used path but the one which is less traveled.

Avoiding cliches is the best way to outstand your poetry and make a long-lasting impression in the reader’s heart.

Some people describe cliches as an overused literary element. For instance, busy like a bee, Blind as a bat, and many more… reflects that the poet does not have any differentiating factor in his poem.

7. Use Concrete Imagery Words and Phrases

In any form of writing, words are the only salient ingredient which forms the imagination of the writer.

If a writer writes about a flower then he needs to describe the color, petals, leaves and the essence of the flower so that its reader can picturise the flower.

A good poem is the one which owns the imagery words instead of the abstract ones. A writer should include the five senses of human beings while describing something.

This technique will not just help you in connecting with your readers but also in writing a good poem.

8. Point of View

It is one of the most essential points to keep in mind while writing a good poem. It is important to tell your audience that who is narrating the poem and about whom the poet is talked about.

The perspective of the narrator does matter as it gives the basis to your poetic plot. Also, it helps the reader to know in whose shoes they are walking into.

9. Read other Creative poems

By reading the poetry written by other poets you will get an idea of how to write good Poetry. You may notice their way of writing, the use of poetic forms and how well they weaved their feelings in the form of words.

You can choose poems that are considered as well known. For example, you may try reading the following books

  • “One Art” by Elizabeth Bishop
  • “Night Funeral in Harlem” by Langston Hughes
  • “The Red Wheelbarrow” by William Carlos Williams

10. Read out loud your Poem

This is one of the best poetry editing tips. It will polish your written poetry and make it error free.

As you pronounce each and every word written, you somehow can relate to it and if found anything wrong, then you can always rephrase it by giving a final touch.

11. Get Feedback from others

Now you have written good poetry, share it with your friends, family, and other fellow poets to get their valuable opinions.

Wait, this is the very crucial step.

Don’t just let their opinions outflow in the air. Learn from it and evolve yourself to write your next good poem.

I hope all the above-mentioned points will help you to write a good poem and in case if you are facing writer’s block then you can read my other article on the topic of how to overcome writer’s block easily.

Share your thoughts and your first creative writing poem with us the comments below. Happy Writing.

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  1. Sometimes rhymes seem forced. It is better to write a non-rhyming poem with good imagery than to force it to rhyme.
    I think you should talk about why well known and well loved poems happened to be so, instead of telling aspiring poets to write about nature or love.


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