The Boy With a Broken Heart

The Boy with A Broken Heart Durjoy Datta Book Review

The wait is over guys! India’s heartthrob author Durjoy Datta’s new novel ‘The Boy with A Broken Heart‘ is going to be your next YA read. The Boy with A Broken Heart by Durjoy Datta is the sequel to the novel The Boy Who Loved which released earlier this year. This new book by Durjoy Datta is going to hit the bookstores on 24 November 2017.

Excited to read? Let’s have a look what the latest novel, The Boy with A Broken Heart is all about.

Book Review: The Boy with A Broken Heart by Durjoy Datta

As mentioned already, this book continues the soft story of Raghu and Brahmi which grew dark towards the end of the first book and left Raghu completely broken. That is why the second novel is aptly called The Boy with A Broken Heart.

The story of Durjoy Datta’s new novel is set in a period two years after an unfortunate event when Raghu couldn’t save Brahmi one night. Having lost everything that night, Raghu wanted to just hide somewhere and be completely detached from the world.

The story of The Boy with a Broken Heart takes a positive turn as Advaita enters. She is attracted towards Raghu the more he wants to hide; in fact to an annoying extent. Eventually, Advaita finds a way to be in an unlikely friendship Raghu.

Advaita leaves no stone unturned to find out what has made Raghu the way he is now, what is he hiding and who left him so broken. Could her love become the antidote of the heartache of Raghu? That’s what The Boy with A Broken Heart by Durjoy Datta is all about.

What to expect from the book, The Boy with A Broken Heart?

First of all, it’s Durjoy Datta, the author who made readers believe in love stories and he has a unique knack for imagining such lovable and relatable characters. And definitely, this one is expected to be another page-turner. If you have read the previous book, The Boy Who Loved, who wouldn’t want to miss this one.

FYI, the pre-orders of The Boy with A Broken Heart by Durjoy Datta have already started. Pre-order your copy on Amazon now!

This is a pre-release review of The Boy with A Broken Heart written by Durjoy Datta and will be updated after the release of the book i.e. 24 November 2017.

About the Author: Durjoy Datta

Durjoy Datta is one the best-selling authors in India and one the favorite of teen readers, especially females. His command over Love stories is incomparable. He has more than half a dozen novels and a number of TV shows under his credit.

Having his roots in Gujrat, Durjoy is born and brought up in Delhi. His first novel ‘Of Course, I Love You’ was published during his college days. Durjoy’s most recent novel ‘The Boy Who Loved’ was published in May 2017.

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    • Hello Yuvraj… although this one is the second of the planned duology as announced by Durjoy Datta, but it is not sure that there will be another book or not. Recently, he also announced on twitter that he wont be writing new books in coming few years!

  1. After his previous books, I was really not happy but after reading The Boy Who Loved I was totally back in love with Durjoy Datta. And there has to be the second part because the last one ended with too many unanswered questions. And here it is – The Boy with a Broken Heart. I have pre-ordered this book and cannot wait to read!! #Excited #DurjoyDattaFan


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