Me and My Shadow: Memoirs of a Cancer Survivor

me and my shadow john pattinson

Me and My Shadow is an inspiring memoir by John Walker Pattison in the year 2022. The book follows our author John who is a cancer survivor. He is a nice man, a lovely husband, and an awesome father who lived the life of a survivor and became stronger and more humble.

The book cover really gave me lively vibes, the content in the book resonates well with the book cover as it signifies a person can have multiple phases of life.

Book Review: Me and My Shadow by John W. Pattison

me and my shadows book review

It is a story of a warrior who not only fought for his own life but also lived the near-death experience of his daughter Donna due to leukemia.

“When you get a life live it to the fullest because not everyone gets one” after reading this line, I know one thing – life is so precious never take it for granted.

The book is a memoir of John Pattison who shares his real-life journey of overcoming cancer which he had suffered when he was only a teenager and also reflects upon his fears when his daughter was battling cancer.

It is a heart-wrenching and emotional book from the author who not only survived cancer but also gives a glimmer of hope to many people suffering from life-threatening diseases.

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Vowelor Review: A humble yet powerful representation of
one’s own inspiring journey braving cancer.
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My Thoughts About the Book

John Walker Pattison in his book ‘Me and my Shadow’ shares his own battles, he mentions those phases of a cancer patient that we are not even aware of. Patients might seem brave outside but only they know what they are going through.

This is a really informational and motivational book that not only talks about fears, and challenges but deeply elaborates on how to conquer them.

‘Me and My Shadow’ also talks about the psychological changes a patient as well as his family go through. I liked the way he helped so many patients fighting cancer by narrating his own story. Infertility is a really big issue among the population and when you are fighting cancer nobody really cares about these things they only need your survival, but John emphasizes the right to information beforehand is really necessary.

I read the book in just two sittings. It was an emotional yet courageous book, it really touched my heart. If you’re connected with cancer in any way this book is a must-read for you. Fortunately, if you aren’t then this book will make you love yourself a little more and be grateful for this wonderful life god has given us.

About the Author: John W. Pattison

author john walker pattinson

John Walker Pattison is an eminent author and one of the longest-living cancer survivors in the UK. After beating the disease, he went on to work as a senior clinical nurse specialist in hematology at his local hospital until retirement.

His first children’s book, ‘Strange Trips and Weird Adventures’ got released in June 2021. Then, he published his memoir ‘Me and My Shadows’ in Oct 2022 followed by ‘Blenkinsop Blabbermouth and the Ghost of Broderick McCaffery’ in Dec 2022.


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