About: Durjoy Datta

    About the Author: Durjoy Datta

    Durjoy Datta is one the best-selling authors in India and resides in the hearts of a lot of teen readers, especially females. His command over Love stories is incomparable. He has more than half a dozen novels and a number of TV shows under his credit. Talking of love stories, Durjoy got married to his girlfriend Avantika in 2016.

    Having his roots in Gujrat, Durjoy is born and brought up in Delhi. He graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Delhi Technological University and His first novel ‘Of Course, I Love You’ was released during his college days. Since then he never looked back. He is also the co-founder of the publishing house, Grapevine India.



    1. The Boy with A Broken Heart (2017)
    2. The Boy Who Loved (2017)
    3. The Girl of My Dreams (2016)
    4. Our Impossible Love (2016)
    5. The World’s Best Boyfriend (2015)
    6. When Only Love Remains (2014)
    7. Ohh Yes, I am Single (2013)
    8. Someone Like You (2013) with Nikita Singh
    9. Till The Last Breath (2012)
    10. If It’s Not Forever, Its Not Love (2012) with Nikita Singh
    11. You were My Crush (2011) with Orvana Ghai
    12. Ohh Yes, I am Single (2010) with Niti Rustagi
    13. She Broke Up, I didn’t (2010)
    14. Now That You’re Rich (2009) with Manvi Ahuja
    15. Of Course, I Love You! (2008) with Maanvi Ahuja
    Engineer • Writer • Entrepreneur • On a hunt for the magic of words & technology!!


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