International Literacy Day 2016 – Reading the Past, Writing the Future

International Literacy Day 2016 Golden Jubilee

We are living in the 21st century, which correlates to the advancement of the new technologies and international literacy. Humans have already reached the limits of the sky and continuously progressing towards new horizons with the power of education and knowledge. We, as human beings, are in process of evolving our own kind with the new discoveries in the field of science and technology.

During the process of evolution, we forget to hold hands of those who were weak or inefficient to cope up with the fast pace of development. We forget to distribute the richness of literature and the right to education to the people who belong to our own kind.


#50ILD – Golden Jubilee of Empowering Education

To remind the world of the international literacy status and help the illiterate ones to get educated, UNESCO declared September 8th as the International Literacy Day in 1965.

On 50th International Literacy Day, let us know where do we stand and what can be done to improve literacy all over the world.

Today’s youth is more inclined towards the attractive tech devices. Those days  are long gone when people discussed their lives and shared knowledge with each other.

We are more involved in our own shadow and never really care about the illiterates who are deprived of this precious gift of education. We call ourselves fortunate of being a part of technology, but we never look back from where we came from. People who are left behind are not different, not weak and certainly not the ones who don’t want to be educated. They are just left behind because we let them stay back to the place where they were.


One must share knowledge to become knowledgeable.


Responsibility of Ourselves as Writers

There are millions of writers all around the world including both self-published and traditional authors. It is obvious when we address someone as a writer, then he/she has a good knowledge about the do’s and don’ts of the language or in other words, they have high literacy skills as compared to the others.


Reading the Past and Writing the Future

~ International Literacy Day 2016


We all know that the words hold the power to change the world. So why we can’t offer the gift of education to every human being, be it an adult or a little child. It is the core responsibility of the literates to look for the antonyms and get them converted into educated people. Once we educate them, they will be more self-sufficient, self-sustained and independent. Let us make them join hands in the development of the world.


Take a pledge to educate, empower & enlighten the illiterates with the new gift of WORDS.


Manik Ghawri
Writer | Entrepreneur | Engineer | Visionary | Environmentalist. Steal a word out of each day, and eventually you end up having your story.


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