How to Remember What You Read for a Long Time : Reader’s Guide

Remembering what you read is a natural process. But How to remember what you read for a long time is a skill that can be learned. We all can master ourselves in this skill only if we adhere to some basic rules of reading. Don’t believe me? Today I am going to give you a complete guide on remembering what you read.

How to remember what you read


How to remember what you read for a long time?

Let’s take a look at a number of proven techniques to boost memory and help you remember what you read. The best way to memorize something is by training your mind with Memory Palace technique, it has been used since ancient Rome and also responsible for some incredible results.

Memory Palace technique

The memory palace technique is based on the fact that human brain has a good capability of remembering places we know. In this technique we create a metaphor images of the places we know in our mind for all the things we read, then try to remember them one by one with the respective images. This technique is scientifically proven but sometimes, based on how it is used, there are chances it may not work. Worry not, we have the answer for that too.

Why can’t I remember what I read after learning this technique?

The effectiveness of Memory Palace technique depends upon your ability to mentally see and visualize the places easily which varies from person to person. So if “Memory Palace technique” doesn’t work for you, then you should try the next method to remember things what you read. It can be quite difficult for newbies to select a safe mobile casino website. Casino specialists will help with this task. See their articles on New Zealand mobile casinos and learn which characteristics are important in online mobile casino websites. Moreover, their reviewers discuss if it’s more convenient to play mobile casino slots on a site or a phone app. With these experts’ help your phone gambling journey will become a lot more pleasant.


Make short notes

Making short notes is another way to memorize something in the brain for a long time. When you are writing something, it will increase the blood flow level in your brain and eventually your mind becomes much more active.

If you are not following this technique, then you should do it right now because it will make you remember what you read for a long time.

One way to remember things for a long time is to read effectively, you can check out our article: How to read more effectively 


Do a Skim read

Another technique to retain what you read is by doing a skimming. It involves going through the pictures, graphs, tables and main content of the textbook rather reading through every line. Skimming is like proofreading, you need to go in deep until you find something worth to remember or important.

If anything doesn’t work, this one surely works for you.


Read Aloud

This technique works for almost 100% of the people. If you are reading something, read it a little bit louder so that you are constantly commanding your brain to be active and dwell upon the information with utmost focus and credibility.

It is similar to the situation when you are reading the textbooks for your exams and wants every single word to be memorized. By reading aloud you are guiding your brain, Hey Brain It’s really important, make it secure and remember it.

Sometimes there is totally a different situation, you are not just reading, but you are reading fast and also want to memorize those things, in those cases, this next technique will surely help you.


Play Light music

Apply this method only if you love music otherwise, it will end up in a bizarre. You surely can feed the words to your brain with the sweet melodies of music so that if you want to revive what you have already read, you know of the melody. Music is memorable and it will also help you remember what you read.


Read Twice

It sounds funny, but it works. If you read the same line twice, then it alarms your brain to brood over what you are reading and treasure it so that it can be kept forever and bring back to the memory when required.


Read Early Morning

This is the last but not the least tip on how to remember what you read. We know morning is the time when your brain is almost fully active and fresh. Reading early morning helps 90% of the people to remember what they read. You should wake up early morning and read at least for one hour.


How to remember what you read? How to read and remember fast? If you have any better options to add on, then please add in comments.


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  1. Gonna implement these from today itself!! I always want to know how can I remember what I read. This post is a perfect hack! ?


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