How to Get Good Ideas for Books? Step-by-Step Guide.

Good Book Ideas

While reading our favorite book, at least once, all of us have thought Where do the Writers get such good ideas for books? Haven’t You?

And do you even remember how many times, the budding writer within us had wondered how I could come up with such a good idea for my book? Guess what? I have got the answer for you. But, before that let me give you a reality check.

There are 34 million books in print, worldwide. If we cut out the number of authors in proportion to the books in print, then we may end up getting a million authors in today’s date struggling to get the ONE GOLDEN CHANCE to prove themselves in the field of writing.

If you have to beat the maximum of the competition, then you must pre-plan your book. You definitely don’t want your manuscript to end up in the trash of publishing companies and swept away in the morning by the garbage collector.

Now let’s get back the to the question of getting story ideas for a book.

How to Get Good Ideas for Books?

In this article, I am going to give you a step-by-step guide for getting ideas to write a good book and increase the possibility of your success in the writing industry.

#1. Don’t Write, if You Don’t Believe

How to Get Good Ideas for Books

If you are gathering ideas for a book that you will be going to write, don’t look for the ones that you don’t believe in. A lot of authors nowadays get attracted towards the sales of the books against the quality content.

Let me give you an example.

Recently, I got the chance to interview a newbie writer. I was excited to be a part of fresh words and moreover for the good ideas for books from the interviewee. Meanwhile, I was enjoying the fresh energy in the ambiance until I heard one answer that was estranging for the book lover like me.

The question was “What made you opt for this Idea of your book?” And the answer I got “By looking at the current trends in the market, I thought this genre of book that I have written will going to attract more sales”

For me it’s not befitting if you are targeting only the sales of the book and writing what you really don’t believe in, it’s not appropriate, it surely can serve you some bucks, but you cannot be a great writer.

If your book is making even a slight difference in someone’s life then your success is worth than those few bucks.

#2. Good Ideas for Books are Always Around You


Story Ideas for Book

Sometimes we don’t look for the things happening around. In other words, we get attracted too much with the other’s lifestyle thinking of ours as lame, lack of joy, bored and full of struggle.

Recent facts revealed that the writers who have depicted their real and relatable scenarios in their write-ups succeeded in getting the positive engagement of the readers.

People love to read what’s real, in that way they try to replicate their life as per the words were written by you.

For some people your words, your story is the escape from the harsh reality. You need to look for the traces of your story in the real world. So that you can mend that world and present a beautiful idea of your book to the world.

#3. Travel to the Places Where You Find Peace

story ideas for books

There is a rule that I always believe in. If you cannot help yourself let others help you out. All you need to do is Trust.

A good thing about traveling is you get to meet new people and they become a part of your present. You need to see people like stories. Everyone has a story and those stories will help you write your great story idea for your book.

You need to enjoy the change of being a part of new surroundings. Observe nature, let the surroundings sink within you. Look at the people living there and try to absorb their way of living. Go back into the history of that place and you will come across many stories.

Try to dig out yourself in a strange environment because sometimes stories are looking for someone who can write them as vividly as they were once.

#4. To Get the Idea of a Good Book You Must be a Part of Books

Story ideas for fiction books

If you are not a reader yet, go find your first read. If you want to be a writer, be a reader first. It’s all about giving yourself the chance to roam around the imaginary lands that have already been accepted by the readers.

You need to go deeper to the world which you are going to introduce to the people. You need to know almost all the places and nooks of the book world. So that you can make someone believe in YOUR story world.

Read books in any language be it English, French or Hindi novels. It can be of any genre or type, the main purpose is to inspire yourself.

The Idea of being a reader first is to validate yourself, is to fill yourself with the confidence of “I can do it”. And once you develop it in yourself, then you can write with your absolute imagination.

#5. Discuss over Coffee

How to Get Good Ideas for Books

You can always throw a coffee party and discuss with your friends, family, and relatives. Listen to their stories, share laughter and walk down to the memory lanes with them.

This drill will take off the pressure of writing a great story or you might come across an idea to write about.

You can also discuss your new idea of a book and ask the possible variations that you can do to make sure about the success. Of course, you cannot guarantee success, but you can always increase the probability of it.

#6. Write About Your Life Experiences

Book story ideas generator

Trust me, people love to read about each other, we humans are designed in a way that we always ready to get socialized either it is a small party or a big well-planned marriage ceremony. Our eyes are always in a hurry to capture new faces, and that is what makes us a living species.

If you have any experience from your real life that you think is worth sharing; Go for it, don’t wait. You cannot explain a better idea of a good story than that of yours.

Get ready to share your thoughts with the people and give them a chance to be a part of your life.

Write about the times when you have laughed the hardest or some incident that was hurting. Share the insights about your industry or the people you meet.

You have lived these moments and no one else can be the better writer than you to jot down in the story.

#7. Live your Dreams in Reality

great ideas for writing book

What if you become the president of the country, what if you are the next target of the evil forces on some other planet? How will you save the destroying world?

You can come up with other crazy ideas and start working on it. Set the word limit and challenge yourself.

Give a spark to your perspective, show the world your way, put yourself in different roles of your fantasy and ask yourself, what I am going to do If I will be at his/her position.

Do it regularly and you won’t be far away from getting good ideas for your book.

#8. Write it Anyway

Great Book Ideas

You need to give it some time. But that doesn’t mean that you have to sit there and stare into infinity waiting for the book story idea.

You need to keep writing about anything and everything. Reinvent a scene from a book, write the book review of your recent read or write a poem. You can write about your dreams and nightmares.

This will not only keep you in practice of writing but might also bump you into your bestseller’s story idea.


Once you have a good idea of a book, you need to get started with the implementation.

Focus on choosing the Book Title.

A good book must have a good title as it gives the first-hand idea to the readers about it. You cannot compensate on this. If you are ready to give it now, take time as much as you can, but don’t hurry.

Next important step is to find a good literary agent and get it published. I will explain more on that in the coming articles. So, Stay tuned.

Now that you have read all the hacks to get the numerous ideas for a book. All you need to do is refill your pen and get a diary & start running your hands.

If you any questions or want to share some good ideas for books, please let me know in comments. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends to help them out too.

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  1. My friend is having a hard time to opt for “Good Ideas for Books” It is not like he is not having any idea, but he has many, All of a sudden he reads this article and came to me for the final selection, I don’t which mentioned point above plays the role, but this article really is helpful in giving you the way to look for the “good ideas for books”

  2. Thanks for this post! 🙂 I have read a lot of posts on getting good ideas for books but you have outlined the simpler ways to get ideas for a book. I am also having an idea for my first book and i believe i can finish & publish it.


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