Essay on Morning walk in English


Essay on morning walk in english
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Morning walk is Immunity booster for our body. It keeps us fit and energetic. A simple walk in the morning can make your whole day fresh and happy. The pure oxygen coming out from the trees in the morning goes to our lungs, which makes the circulation of the blood absolute and constant. Few minutes of daily morning walk also proven to be healthy for the heart. The freshness of the green trees and the plants makes your mind calm and compose.

Early Morning walks are the good cure for a heart attack patient. Regular walk in the morning for few hours can burn the fat amount in your body and makes you slim and fit. If you are facing the problem of overweight, then walking in the morning regularly will definitely help you in weight loss. Morning walk improves your memory and helps you to remember the things you read for a long time. Few hours of morning walk decrease the risk of high sugar level in your blood and reduces the risk of diabetes.

Daily Morning walk makes you healthy, and if you don’t have proper health, all your wealth goes waste. You can stay healthy and fit, which will make you a successful person in life. When we heading towards the park for a morning walk, we meet people whom we know by. We can be a part of the beautiful fragrance of flowers and the freshness of dew drops fallen on the tree leaves during our morning walk.

Good Thoughts on Morning walk

Keeps you fit: Morning walk keeps you fit.

Health is Wealth: If you are healthy, you can earn wealth.

Prevent Diseases: Walk in the morning prevent diseases.

Improve Memory: Morning walk improves your memory.

Bring Happiness: A walk in the morning makes you happy.



Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.


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