Author Elizabeth Monroy: Helping people understand spiritual awakening better than ever

Author Elizabeth Monroy

A self-help nonfiction book, The Infinite Human, co-authored by Elizabeth Monroy and her husband Peter Monroy, was released in the year 2022. Through the writers’ personal life experiences and journeys, the book discusses the higher realms of Esoteric Knowledge, Supernatural Phenomenon, Cosmic Disclosure, and much more.

After the release of her book, we, at Vowelor, had an interesting conversation with Elizabeth about her writing. But, before we continue with her interview, here’s a little something about her:

About the Author: Elizabeth Monroy

Author Elizabeth Monroy

Author, filmmaker, talk show host, and motivational speaker, Elizabeth Monroy has recently published her self-help book, The Infinite Human, which can be used as a roadmap for spiritual awakening. The author has worked as a life coach for many years and holds a master’s degree in mental health counseling. Her husband Peter, is an Obstetrician/Gynecologist with board certification who is also a co-author of the book.

Further, Elizabeth shared about her life, her writing journey, her inspirations, and more interesting things about herself. Here are all of her interesting answers:

Tell us about yourself, your family, your occupation, passions, etc.

My father was a Presbyterian minister who taught me there is more to God than religion. When I was young I began to seek God outside the confines of religion. At the age of eight, we went to California during the tail end of the sixties to be part of the Human Potential Movement. When we returned my father brought Family Therapy to Louisville, Kentucky where my mother and my youngest brother eventually joined him in their practice! I got my undergraduate degree in Theater and English and got a Master’s in Mental Health Counseling. I always loved spirituality, travel, theater, art, and helping people with my intuitive healing gifts.

When and where were you born and bought up?

I was born in New York City but I was raised in Louisville, Kentucky. At the age of seventeen, I left Kentucky to go to college in Austin, Texas and went on to study abroad program in Italy which began my love affair with Italy where I still live most of the time. Latter I worked and live all around the world including in Central America and Asia with my husband, Peter.

What were you like in your childhood? Any good memory you would like to share?

I was very creative and imaginative and many times stuck out as being “different”. I was always reading or making up stories and getting the neighborhood kids to act them out! When I was a teenager we moved into a two hundred and a fifty-year-old log cabin in Anchorage, Kentucky where my Mom and Dad practiced psychotherapy and I began to act in the local children’s theater and loved it!

What do you think has been your biggest achievement till today?

Well, traveling around the world with my husband Peter, a physician, and laying down a foundation for a higher form of co-healing based on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual growth then starting the New Consciousness Renaissance School in Florence, Italy where students from all around the World came to explore themselves, their inner creativity and produce films.

What made you decide to sit down and actually start writing?

I have always made up stories since I was young and I wrote my first children’s book at the age of eight. Writing is my passion,  my therapy, and my personal way of self-discovery and inner knowledge!

Which writers inspire you?

James Joyce, Kurt Vonnegut, Hermen Hesse, Ramtha, Shirley McClaim, Silvia Platt,  Marlo Morgan, Charles Dickens, and William Shakespeare to name a few.

Writing is stressful at times. How do you relax your mind?

Actually, writing is extremely relaxing for me, editing is stressful! When I write I go into a trance-like state, or a deep meditation where I download my material from Infinite Source, kind of like taking dictation. Hours can pass without me even noticing!

What is your favorite motivational phrase?

I am Infinite!

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Relax, believe in yourself,  and keep writing! What you are writing will change the world and create a consciousness renaissance!

What kind of books do you like to read personally? What are you reading currently?

I’m very much into Metaphysical, Spiritual, and Esoteric. I am re-reading Voyager II by Ashyanna Dean.

If you could have been the original author of any book, which one would it be and why?

I guess it would be my latest book, The Infinite Human because it is so vitally important to our world today! It helps free people from the lies that have been spun around us and motivate people to be the change by co-creating a world that we all want to live in!!!

How is your day structured; do you have a special time to write or is it pretty much random?

I write as soon as I wake up! I “go to the office” by sitting up in bed and pulling out my computer! I do a lot of work in my dream state so when I wake up I always bursting with ideas and thoughts that just have to be written down!

What is the reason you write for; is it for the readers or yourself or something else entirely?

I write for myself. When I write I download vital information that helps me and the planet and affects the future of humanity. Many times I don’t believe what I write then I hear a voice saying, “just write it down and we’ll explain later” and sure enough it always makes sense in the future!

About the book: The Infinite Human

The Infinite Human

The Infinite Human is one book that you can turn to if you are anywhere on the spectrum of spiritual awakening and have questions revolving around existentialism, spirituality, and healing. The book follows the authors’ journey together while they unravel the secrets of the universe and fall in eternal love.

What genre is your book? What draws you to this genre?

I guess you would call it a “spiritual” thriller if there is such a thing! It’s my life’s story of spiritual unfoldment which I really the most exciting thing here is on Earth if people only really understood it!

Was there something that made you write this book?

I was born to write this book! It is part of my soul mission. I wrote the first sentence over thirty years ago and everything I ever did in my life has been leading up to writing this book and now sharing it with the world.

What makes ‘The Infinite Human’stand out in this genre?

I think it is the first of its kind. I think it is the first of many books likely to come from. Perhaps in many ways, it is like The Autobiography of a Yogi from a female perspective. It is an alchemical journey into enlightenment packed with many full disclosure bombs along the way.

Why do you think a reader should pick this book over anything else?

Because the truth will set you free. Knowledge of the truth behind the lies will allow you to heal and grow. You can not heal in lies and we all must know the true hidden history of our planet and what powerful infinite human beings we truly are! We must understand what has happened to the human race and stop blaming ourselves and others but now take responsibility to do things differently and be the change we want to see in the World!

The book talks about ideas like Esoteric Knowledge, Ascension Matrix, Supernatural Phenomenon, Cosmic Disclosure, and a lot more. What were the hardest and the easiest things or ideas to incorporate?

Esoteric Knowledge is my passion and I love to share it and ascension mechanics which is what I live every day. Also, the Supernatural phenomenon is basically what happens when you wake up enough to SEE the world through your third eye. It is really just a diary of a yogi or my life written from a higher perspective. So those were easy. But the most difficult part was the Cosmic Disclosure. Our Earth History has been pretty much a tragedy up until now.

So I wanted to communicate to people just how bad or fallen our Earth is so they would begin to make different choices instead of passively consenting to their own enslavement through A.I. I wanted them to understand the gravity of their decisions at this pivotal time without shocking them into fear mode.  But it is really hard to break people free of mind control. Some will move into the future organic timelines of 5D Earth but many will continue to remain trapped in a perpetual time loop that has lasted millions of years! My book is really to awaken those few leaders who will awaken more leaders who will lead humanity out of the time matrix prison.

Is there any special experience throughout the writing process of ‘The Infinite
Human’ that you’d like to share?

Writing The Infinite Human changed my life because it was about rewriting your life story, something I encourage everyone to do. It allowed me to objectively view my life’s theme and karmic patterns of victimization and choose to rewrite my story differently freeing myself from the limiting repetitive time loop of the prison matrix. We must all do this if we truly want to be free. After all, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result!

Future Plans

What are your ambitions for your writing career?

Well of course I will continue to write but I have found the Infinite Human School for the New Consciousness Renaissance where I am creating retreat centers in Italy and the Americas which will be located in powerful ancient areas where people can come to use the energies to heal, reconnect with Infinite God Source and change their lives by rewriting their life story to better align with their soul mission.

Are you working on your new project? What will be your next book about?

My next book is Being an Infinite Human which will discuss in greater detail ascension mechanics and the Art of Being Infinite or living day to day as the embodiment of Divine Infinite Source (which I hope to learn as I write it!) But I have so many stories that need to get out and also I have been told I will be working with an ancient race of inner Earth folks to get their “stored”ries, heard. They have so much wisdom that needs to be shared with “modern man”. I just need to find some quiet time because my life has just recently become very busy with book tours and podcast interviews, videos, and traveling three continents!
(I actually prefer sitting at home in my bed writing! But to everything turn, turn, turn.)

What does success mean to you as an Author?

Touching the right people at a soul level. I do not care if my book is a “best seller” I just want it to reach the right people, those who are going to be the solution for all our planet’s problems, the co-creators of the New Infinite 5D Earth. They need to hear these sacred words that will inspire them so they will know they are not alone and there are others who feel the same way they do and to help us all connect with one another to become the positive force of truth and change!

Do you prefer self-publishing or traditional publishing and Why?

Self Publishing. My life is about extracting ourselves from the fallen finite 3D Earth so yes I self-publish and have been for over thirty years. I think we need to stop letting the system run things and become as independent and self-sufficient as possible.

One lesson that you’d like to pass on to young debut authors.

Keep writing and trust your inner intuitive voice! Don’t be afraid to expose your weaknesses, defects and deepest flaws for it is in facing the deepest trauma.  pain, sorrow, and fears that we grow and our readers grow with us!

Your opinion about Vowelor.

I am just forming a relationship with Vowelor but I like their holistic approach. I hope it will be a long and fruitful one for both of us!

A Note to the readers:

A book is your passport into higher dimensions of reality.  Choose them wisely! We are facing a critical time in the History of our Earth which has been prophesied thousands of years ago in the Hopi Prophecy Rock. It talks about two roads or what is really two timelines. One that most people follow, is making technology their God. This timeline leads back into the prison time matrix or what the Hindus call Maya, the world of illusion where everything is fake, or AI (artificial) intelligence. Then there is the Road Less Traveled which respects all life and leads to freedom and eternal life. One path is finite and one is infinite. We are in these times NOW…choose your path wisely.

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