The Vengeance of the Fallen

    The Vengeance of the Fallen by Abishek Babu

    The Vengeance of the Fallen is fantasy fiction. It is a great compelling story of a powerful kingdom and an act of revenge which further leads to a series of events.

    I have just finished the book and I already wish to read the sequel of The Vengeance of the Fallen. Now, all I can think is who is trying to kill Sebastian and how will he escape.

    I think this story had almost all the elements of being adapted to the silver screen. 

    Book Review: The Vengeance of the Fallen by Abishek Babu


    The Vengeance of the Fallen chronicles the tale of the Moriyan Empire and events related to the Great War. The narration of the story is of two different time periods; BCE (Before Clearance Existence) and ACE (After Clearance Existence) (which is executed very well).

    It is about a revolutionary, Ragupta Moriya who became a King after taking revenge from the royal family for his master’s insult.

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    The Conspiracy Unknown: History of the Moriyan Empire

    As per the fantasy lands of The Vengeance of the Fallen, Patliputra is the capital of the Moriyan Empire.

    Dhanna Annda and his brothers were the rulers of the kingdom. There was no justice to the poor, women were harassed and no one was happy except the royal family.

    Believe me, as Dhanna Annda is described in the story, you are going to hate him too.

    But things changed when the tyrant of the west, Ander reached near Patliputra after conquering the west. Anakya is the respected headmaster of the University of Takshila. He came to Dhanna Annda to seek aid and asked the king to be on the side of Ander in the great battle as he has the largest army.

    But Dhanna Annda turned him down and made fun of his appearance in the courtroom. After this event, Anakya was determined to take revenge for his insult from him.

    When a student of Anakya, Ragupta Moriya who happens to be the first general of Dhanna Annda, heard of the insult he raged to the court and asked the reason for this embarrassing act. But the king was in no mood of reasoning things result of which, Ragupta was banished and all his titles were stripped.

    And, I must say the author of the book has beautifully portrayed the valor of the Ragupta Moriya in the story. 

    Anakya was the greatest of all war strategist. He plans to overthrow the Annda Empire and Ragupta joined his master. Soon they both allied with Ander and fought against Annda empire starting the Great War.

    While reading the book, I constantly wished to learn more about Anakya as he is mentioned many times in the story. But, he is barely introduced to the readers.

    Eventually, Dhanna Annda and his loyalists were dragged to the streets and were left to live in the exiles of the forest.

    This isn’t the whole story but the minor part of it. 

    Summary of Book 1 – The Vengeance of the Fallen

    During BCE Years

    The great fictional story begins with the birth of the prince of Rasbind Moriya, the present King of the Moriyan Empire and the elder son of Ragupta Moriya.

    As per the ritual, the naming ceremony should be held in Patliputra, the capital of the Kingdom. So Rasbind moves to Patliputra from his province, Ujjain.

    During the naming ceremony of the Prince, there was an attack on the royal family. As soon as Ragupta named the prince as Hisoka, a pointed dagger approached him which was clashed with Jorge’s sword (Jorge is the younger son of Raguota Moriya). 

    Later it was known that attackers were the five street artists; a wrestler, a weight lifter, a snake charmer, a magician, and a dancer.

    The outbreak of the attack made citizens run for their lives and there was chaos in the Royal Palace. In the meanwhile, Jorge and Ragupta fought with the expressionless assassins. Royal guards rushed in and helped the king in fighting against the intruders.

    And by now I was so engrossed in The Vengeance of the Fallen book that I started reading almost 100 pages in a day. (It was hard to not read what happens next)

    The strangest thing happened when after two sunrises of the attack, all five street artists couldn’t remember how they were put in dark dungeons and what was their crime. (Now, this is what I say a great plot twist.)

    And, that is when Koyal and Kosal, two twin sisters came in action. (I seriously loved them) These twin sisters are gifted with the powers of detection and deduction. That is the reason they are so good with any investigation.

    After the arrival of sisters, the story unfolds in unexpected turns and on unexpected times which makes it an unputdownable book.

    Conspiracy Unknown
    • Abishek Babu
    • Notion Press
    • Edition no. 1 (07/31/2019)
    • Paperback: 402 pages

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    During ACE Years

    Sebastian Stien is one of the protagonists of the book, a young man in his 30s who works with a Secret Research team. He has come home for a vacation after three years.

    In Mantan, his wife, Julia Stien and his three-year-old son, Robbie (named after his father Robert Stien), are very happy to see Sebastian after so long. Later on the day of arrival, he went to see his mother, Eve Stien.

    The description of Sebastian’s life is not narrated much in Book 1 of The Conspiracy Unknown. However, this doesn’t make me feel less known to Sebastian and his surroundings.

    Sebastian’s family plans to spend the weekend together and went to see the museum along with John, (coworker and friend of Sebastian). On their way to Morgan Museum, they had lunch at some hotel and bumped into Edwards, a friend of Robert Stien.

    After the visit to the museum, when Sebastian went to take the car from the basement, he was brutally hit by a stranger.

    Somehow he escaped and then the series of the event led him closer to the reality of his father’s death.

    My mind tossed every time a new character was introduced in the story. I helplessly tried to seek answers for the person behind the naming ceremony attack and the one chasing Sebastian.

    I bet if you read the first book of The Conspiracy Unknown series then you will end up reading all coming books of the series.

    • Storyline
    • Characters
    • Writing Style


    The Vengeance of the Fallen will give you a great time reading it. You will feel excited all the time and intrigued to know what happens next. I suggest fantasy fiction lovers read this book once and enjoy it.

    My Thoughts on The Vengeance of the Fallen

    Talking about the storyline first, as I have already said it is indeed a great story. I was hooked to the story throughout. All the twists and turns were introduced at the right time and at the right place. I think the structure and the characters of the story really blended well.

    The author, Abishek ended the book with a cliffhanger and I am sure like me you will also eagerly wait for the next book of The Conspiracy Unknown.

    I really find all the characters interesting. The way they were presented, their dialogues, their actions throughout the story and their mind-set. I liked all of it. Initially, I had a hard time reading those difficult names and remembering them. But later I got used to it.

    Overall, I fully enjoyed the book and recommend every book lover to read The Vengeance of the Fallen.

    You can thank me later for the recommendation 😉




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