The Infinite Human

    The Infinite Human

    The Infinite Human is a self-help non-fiction book by the author Elizabeth Monroy,  and her husband Peter Monroy a physician published in the year 2022. The book follows the authors’ journey towards a mental and spiritual awakening, their liberation from limiting beliefs, uncovering the truths hidden in plain sight, and bringing a seemingly new definition to the word ‘infinite’.

    The book talks about the higher dimensions of Esoteric Knowledge, Supernatural Phenomenon, Cosmic Disclosure, and a lot more through the authors’ own experiences and travels throughout their life.

    Here’s a snippet from the book:

    The Infinite is just that—Infinite. It is all that is, ever has been, and ever shall be. There is no beginning. There is no ending. No Alpha, no Omega! It is everything and nothing. It exists beyond time and space, which is often difficult for our finite brains to imagine. Nonetheless, it is what it is, even if you cannot comprehend it. Imagine if you will a Void. In this Void, there is no light, no sound, no thought, no form, just vast infiniteness. This is the Infinite in its pure divine state of Prima Materia. This Infinite all-encompassing energy makes up everything within us and around us. IT is known by many names: Chi, Ki, Prana, Divine Principal, Holy Spirit, the Force or Source. It is not chaotic, erratic energy as we have been taught to believe. The Infinite is love, beauty, unity, harmony, and intelligence. It is the unified, harmonized energy of pure love and eternal light. It isthe very building block of all creation. IT is ALL ONE. It is love. It is the unifying, purifying force of the multiverse, the cosmic glue that binds everything together. IT is the unspoken word within the breath of God. This unspoken word is the intrinsic, intuitive, instinctual means of communication within our soul. It is in the way the Trees, the Animals, the Stars, the Wind, the Sea, and our Mother Earth herself, commune. This inner voice of wisdom tells the birds to fly south in Winter, the seedlings to sprout in spring, the planets to rotate around the Sun, the Stars to be born and to die. This is the way a mother communicates with her unborn child, and
    animals communicate with one another. This is the pure untainted true language of the soul. It is the unspoken divine language of truth that cannot be confounded, misinterpreted, twisted, or manipulated into bald-faced lies. It is the truth known only by our soul through Infinite God Source.

    Book Review: The Infinite Human

    The Infinite Human

    At some point in our lives, most of us have these interconnected questions based on spirituality and existentialism. Is there a power far superior to anything else in the observable universe? If there is, how can we connect with this Infinite Source? How do we align with that kind of energy? How will we even know if we are connected to IT or not? If you are having these types of questions, then you already are on the pathway of a spiritual awakening.

    The idea of spiritual awakening is vast, yet you don’t need self-proclaimed experts, gurus, or teachers to guide you through it. This is what Elizabeth and Peter explain in their book The Infinite Human. Their words serve to awaken and inspire the divine infinite presence within us all and share basic concepts to help in the processes.

    And you know the good part? They do not give out random ideas or babble about spirituality without backing their information by using their own life as a backdrop to it. The ups and downs, love, relationships, and more from the authors’ life itself serve as good examples to learn from. The book gives out harsh realities of the world, answers controversial questions, and teaches us how to align ourselves to the power of the Infinite Source.

    Writing Style ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Topic Segregation ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Relevance ⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Vowelor Review: If you are anywhere on the spectrum of spiritual awakening, then this book is just the one for you. 4.5
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    My Thoughts about the Book

    The word ‘ascension’ plays a significant role in the book, which refers to the act of rising to a more critical position or a higher level which brings us to the next term, spiritual ascension. Spiritual ascension is a very subjective idea and everyone can have a different opinion of it and yet author Elizabeth Monroy made it increasingly easier to comprehend for people with conflicting thoughts.

    The state of being ‘woke’ could mean different things to different people, but one thing that actually binds us all together is the idea that there’s always something to learn, accept and move on into the Infinite and beyond!

    About the Author: Elizabeth Monroy

    Author Elizabeth Monroy

    Elizabeth Monroy is an author, filmmaker, talk show host, and inspirational speaker. She has recently published her self-help book by the name of The Infinite Human, which can serve as a guide to spiritual awakening.

    The author has a Masters in Mental Health Counseling and has served for multiple years as a life coach. She loves to travel and does it frequently with her husband Peter who is a board-certified Obstetrician/Gynecologist. 

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