The Disobedient Darkness

the disobedient darkness prateek dubey book review

Book Review : The Disobedient Darkness by Prateek Dubey

The Disobedient Darkness by Prateek Dubey is his debut novel that blends real-world characters with mindful fantasy and mythology seamlessly. The book, The Disobedient Darkness, goes beyond the regular stories raising the standards of contemporary fiction. This 554-page book was published in November 2016 by Frog Books.

The story of The Disobedient Darkness begins with an unusual gift that a man gets from his other-worldly daemon called Smoogykuk. In return of the gift, the daemon barters all the doubts of the protagonist leaving him in a state of utter peace. The gift is a magical quilt made of shadows that represent darkness. Left doubtless, the protagonist of The Disobedient Darkness by Prateek Dubey discovers the deep subconscious powers which eventually becomes the only thing that could save humankind.

Prateek’s writing style as seen in the book, The Disobedient Darkness, is riveting and gets the reader welded to the book until the end. With multiple brilliant characters playing their part and unique plot is something worth reading.

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A unique blend of real world and mindful fantasy. Gets you glued.

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About the Author : Prateek Dubey

Prateek Dubey is a photographer, writer and an artist based in New Delhi, India. His work has featured in the Guardian U.K, the Deccan Chronicle, The Hindu and N-Photo magazine besides various photography sites around the world. Writing has been his favorite form of expression for a long time. He has written many pieces of entertaining short fiction using whiskey, Black Sabbath, beautiful aliens and other unconventional elements as his motifs.

He blogs (Prateek’s World), merging photography with storytelling, on his experiences of life in India. He has also had a solo show of oil paintings at the Lalit Kala Academy in 2005 besides participating in various group shows of painting and photography. Prateek is a graduate of chemistry from Delhi University and also a trained fashion designer from the National Institute of Fashion Technology.


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