Sad Girls

    sad girls lang leav book review

    Book Review : Sad Girls by Lang Leav

    Sad Girls by Lang Leav is one of the most anticipated novels to release in 2017. Lang Leav’s first full-length novel Sad Girls is about the young love, secrets and tragedy combined with the nerve touching writing of the international bestselling author.

    The protagonist of Lang Leav’s new book, Sad Girls, is a young schoolgirl Audrey. In a series of unfortunate things, Audrey and her lie lead to the death of her classmate Ana. Audrey’s life gets surrounded by darkness as she suffers from panic attacks. Soon the novel, Sad Girls, takes a turn when a peculiar boy – Rad – enters her life.

    As the story of Sad Girls by Lang Leav proceeds an ill-timed love story begins to develop between Audrey and Rad. Her already out of control world could turn all around because of Rad; or this love will drag their lives to the indefinite edge. With beautiful writing style and emotionally charged coming of age story, Sad Girls is worth all the wait.

    This is a pre-release review of the Sad Girls by Lang Leav which is set to release on 30 May 2017. It will be updated after the release of the book. Meanwhile, You can order your copy on Amazon.

    About the Author : Lang Leav

    Lang Leav is an International best-selling author of Love and Misadventure, Lullabies and Memories. She also won Goodreads Reader’s Choice Award for Lullabies. Apart from that, her impeccable works have made her the recipient of The Qantas Spirit of Youth Award and the prestigious Churchill Fellowship. expressing a complexity beneath its childlike facade. Her imagination stretches across a variety of disciplines encompassing art, poetry, and books.

    She is both whimsical and woeful with immense complexity behind her childlike face. Her imagination stretches across a variety of disciplines comprising art, poetry, and books.

    Much-loved poetess, Lang Leav, lives in New Zealand with her partner and fellow author Michael Faudet, Not to mention, Lang has featured in various International bestselling lists and events in many countries, thanks to her worldwide fan following.

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