Porch Pirate Love

Porch Pirate Love

Porch Pirate Love is an urban contemporary fiction book by the author Irene Woodbury, published in the year 2022. The book follows Kit, an unmarried and pregnant blackjack dealer, and Danny, a UPS driver turned porch pirate, and the unconventional story of how they fall in love.

The complicated yet sweet and soothing relationship between Kit and Danny goes through as many rough patches as it could. But will they be able to keep it together or succumb to the challenges? Pick up Porch Pirate Love to find out.

Here’s a snippet from the book:

With the blender whirring, the eight-month pregnant blackjack dealer heard a chime on her phone. Her Ring.com door cam had detected activity at her front door. Must be UPS delivering the baby’s crib, Kit figured. Into her phone, she peered. A short, pudgy UPS delivery man in a brown shirt and pants was wheeling a hand-cart up her walkway and onto her front steps. On her small porch, he deposited a long, bulky box. Then he trotted back down the walkway, piled into his truck, and drove off. Inside, Kit was pouring her mocha-colored shake into a tall glass. One sip in, she heard the Ring.com chime again. How strange, she thought. And then, glancing at her phone, she was horrified. A wiry porch pirate in a navy blue sweat suit and black knit cap had darted up her walkway and was eyeing the just-delivered box suspiciously. Plopping her shake in the sink, Kit grabbed her phone and took off. As she tore open the front door, the pirate was struggling down the walkway with the awkward box. Dashing out, she yelled, “Hey, come back here! That’s my baby’s crib!”

Head jerking, the pirate turned and saw the heavily pregnant, 22-year-old blonde lurching down the steps towards him. But just then, as she pressed forward, Kit lost her balance and toppled onto the concrete. Sprawled on her side and writhing in pain, she clutched her heaving belly and cried, “Help, help, somebody please help me!” The clear liquid now oozing down her legs was soaking the bottom of her tent-size denim jumper. “My water must have broke!” she bleated. “No, no, it’s too early. Goddamn porch pirate! What if the baby’s head got hit?” Dropping the box in the rock garden, the alarmed thief ran back to Kit.

Book Review: Porch Pirate Love

Porch Pirate Love by Irene Woodbury

Most love stories we read start from a cute encounter somewhere in a bookstore or departmental store or stolen glances in the subway but Kit and Danny’s story gets a kick start when Danny attempts a theft and tried to run away with Kit’s delivery parcel from her porch. Eight months pregnant Kit ran behind him, becomes imbalanced, falls off, and goes into labor. And guess who rushed her to the hospital?

The highly unconventional start gives rise to one of the cutest love stories that have been written recently. Emphasizing the importance of efforts, sacrifices, and respect, Irene’s latest story is a must-read this summer.

Storyline ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Characters ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Writing Style ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Vowelor Review: An engrossing romance between a sassy mom-to-be and a porch pirate, with a lot of drama and humor 4
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My Thoughts about the Book

The kind of relationship portrayed between Kit and Danny has been extremely soothing to read. The way the couple finds themselves in each other’s lives gives hope to the readers like me who have been burying their noses in the books since time immemorable. A hope of finding love in the most unexpected of scenarios (Just kidding, extremely content with the relationship with books and the characters in them, but the trope is something I absolutely loved).

An easy-to-comprehend story of love, humor, sacrifices, and efforts, Porch Pirate Love is one story that I would recommend to all contemporary romance readers and those who are up for exploring the genre.

About the Author: Irene Woodbury

Irene Woodbury author

Irene Woodbury is a successful travel writer. She has recently published her novel, Porch Pirate Love which follows Kit, a young mom; and Danny, a UPS driver turned porch pirate, and their unconventional love story that started with a theft attempt on Kit’s porch.

Irene graduated from the University of Housten in 1993 and got married in the same city as well. Since 1994, the couple has been living in Denver. Her husband is a retired Time Magazine Correspondent and helps her in the editing of her works.


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