Nate and the Super-Duper Pajama Kids Adventure

Nate and the Super-Duper Pajama Kids Adventure

Nate and the Super-Duper Pajama Kids Adventure is a 2021 children’s fantasy book by the author, Sharon Walton. It is suitable for a very young audience and chronicles the bedtime shenanigans of Nate, and his fear of the dark. Nate’s grandma reads him bedtime stories, but she doesn’t know, the BOOGEYMAN is lurking in his closet.

When Nate goes to Dreamland and Grandma turns out the lights, the Boogeyman waits for his big chance to scare the puddles out of Nate. Will he have to face the Boogeyman alone? Will someone come to his rescue? To choose how the story will end, pick up the book the first chance you get. 

Nate and the Super-Duper Pajama Kids Adventure is a fantasy storybook that is specifically targeted toward a very young audience. The story involves concepts like Boogeyman, Wolpertinger, dreamland, anthropomorphism, and more to make sure that your kids never get bored of it. 

This story concept enables kids to choose fearlessness. It supports good decision-making.  It is definitely a good read!

Here’s a snippet from the book:

Somewhere, in the hallway, under the bed, in the closet, outside the window, and in basements everywhere, the Super Duper Pajama Kids are pushing back the darkness to keep children from being afraid when they have to go to bed.

When the Adventures of Super-Duper Pajama Kids (SDPKA) bedtime stories are read, Soshi, Ada, Rico, and Kedar travel across the airwaves and into the dreams of children, who are afraid of the dark. In this adventure, you start out as Nathan; he is five years old.

It’s bedtime- your favorite and worst time of the day. You like storytime with Grandma, but man, it sure is scary to go to bed when she turns out the lights! You remind her she forgot to give you the ice cream dessert she had promised you after dinner, but she waves her grandmotherly finger from side to side, and says, “Oh, but Nate-Sweetness, I gave you mils and cookies instead. Now it’s time to turn out the lights and go to bed.”

Book Review: Nate and the Super-Duper Pajama Kids Adventure

Nate and the Super-Duper Pajama Kids Adventure

Most can recall childhood memories of being afraid to be alone at night. For some, it may have been a ghost in the closet, a monster under the bed, or someone outside the window. All of us had something imaginary that terrorized us at night.  But what if we had some amazing superheroes to fight them off with us? We might not have any, but today’s kids will have Super- Duper Pajama Kids with them to shoo away all the Boogeymen and monsters that go around at night.

The story follows Nate, who loves to listen to Grandma’s bedtime stories, but he fears something that he thinks is hiding in his closet. Will the monster scare the puddles out of Nate? Will he be fighting the monster alone, or will someone come to his rescue? Read the book to find out. Do you know what is the fun part? The book is interactive, which means we can choose how we want the story to end. 

Giving no spoilers, this is one book with which your child will absolutely fall in love.

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My Thoughts about the Book

Children are naturally curious about the stories we tell. When we give them the power to choose their own story, it boosts their confidence and they learn autonomy. 

Sharon Walton’s book Nate and the Super-Duper Pajama Kids Adventure promotes good decision-making skills. Each crucial turn of the story involves choices of either hiding in fear or picking oneself up and fighting through it. 

This book has a positive effect on childhood development in understanding the power in the ability to refuse fear.

About the Author: Sharon Walton

Sharon Walton

Sharon Walton is an author and a small business owner from Cincinnati, Ohio. She has recently published an interactive children’s storybook named Nate and the Super-Duper Pajama Kids Adventure. It is a highly creative and interactive book where one can have different endings to their story based on the choices they made throughout it.

Sharon Walton is a mother of three and a grandmother of seven. She graduated from Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment. She later got a Master of Science degree in Innovative Business Entrepreneurship. Currently, she lives with her husband, and the two own a small, kids’ ride-on toys business.


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