Lakehouse Déjà Vu

Lakehouse Déjà Vu

Lakehouse Déjà Vu is a young adult contemporary fiction novel by the author RA Anderson, published in June 2022. The story follows Jessica and Rose, two best friends, and a spring break that changed the course of their lives.

Sailing through a plethora of emotions like love, loss, turmoil, and more, Jessica and Rose find themselves out in the world for the first time as adults on a vacation. But little did they know that their adventure holds a lot more for them than they ever expected.

Here’s a snippet from the book:

“We have fevers of a hundred and three,” Jessica and I sang out over the ’70s and ’80s top hits, letting the songs fill the space between us and taking our minds away from our task at hand. We had books piled around us as we crammed for yet another midterm. “Hot blooded, we are burning with envy!” we both sang out. Realizing we’d both sung the same random lines and changed the words to the original song the same way, we looked at one another and laughed. We watched as more students carried bags toward their cars, heading off campus for spring break. Our moods shifted, making it impossible to concentrate on school. My heart raced, pounding inside my chest.

The jealousy of those students leaving was unbearable. My face reddened as another car jam-packed with students cheered and drove away. Jessica and I have two more days of midterms. How can I possibly study while watching students skip town? The sunshine state was beckoning me. As I turned to look at Jess, I could see it in her eyes too. I preferred to study in the library or our dorm room, but even there I couldn’t concentrate, so Jessica and I decided to study together and struggle to focus together. Our suitcases had been packed and safely tucked away in the trunk of Jessica’s cherry-red BMW convertible for a couple of days, and we’d been daydreaming of our adventure ever since.

I dropped my book down on the grass and cried out to Jess, “Is it normal to have such a high spring fever? I’m unable to function like a normal human. The only medicine that could possibly work would be sun and fun.” Oh, I need spring break, but maybe it would be better if we spent our days at the barn, not at a B&B with strangers in Florida!

Book Review: Lakehouse Déjà Vu

Lakehouse Déjà Vu

Most of us have some or other adventures planned for our first trip with just our friends. It can be Las Vegas if you plan on partying hard; Hawaii for a beach retreat; San Francisco, if you love the diversity in your food; Boulder, if you’re looking for some outdoor adventure; and a lot more. Jessica and Rose are also ready for their own adventure to a B&B named Lakehouse Déjà Vu in Florida during their college spring break.

However, not everything will go as planned. Jessica will find herself falling in love with the serenity and tranquility of the place as opposed to her regular choice of places, while timid and conserved Rose will form an unlikely bond. How will it all end for the two best friends? Read to find out.

Giving no further spoilers for this is the one book you’d want to read if you’re into stories with young adult, contemporary, and coming-of-age fiction.

Writing Style⭐⭐⭐⭐
Vowelor Review: An easy-to-read story of love, loss, and subsequent self-discovery.4
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My Thoughts about the Book

Being a regular reader of young adult fiction, both fantasy and contemporary, the book appealed to me in multiple ways. Jessica, an outgoing extrovert; and Rose, timid and conserved, two polar opposite characters have been portrayed in such a light that can make a lot of readers relate to them. The struggles, friendship, love, loss, death, and each emotion has been penned down in a way that actually left a mark on my conscious as a reader.

Won’t say anything crucial about the plot, but trust me when I say that it will keep you on the edge of your seat, biting your nails, and absolutely speechless by the end of it.

About the Author: RA Anderson

Author RA Anderson

RA Anderson is a writer and photographer, currently residing in the town of Clermont, Florida. She has recently published a young adult contemporary novel by the name of Lakehouse Déjà Vu.

The author has spent her entire childhood around horses and sailboats (which absolutely don’t mix), giving her some exceptional skills and nearly twenty-five titles. she has a particular love for travel, especially now when her kids have grown up and moved out.


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