Glitch is a fantasy fiction book by the author Victor Mairo, published in the year 2021. The book follows the protagonist, Mavery Villin, a black girl in a world that basically functions on colorism.

Set in twenty-second century Nigeria or what is now called Cinder City, Mavery has seen unimaginable violence and brutality against the people of her color and that’s all that she knows. However, what will happen when her views would be challenged and she’ll find herself making choices that can change the course of her life as well as those around her? Read on to find out.

Here’s a snippet from the book:

I TRIED to open my eyes, trying to gauge where I was. The absence of light made it difficult for me to adjust my eyes to my surroundings. It took a whole lot of squinting and blinking but I managed it. The room was a plain one, my eyes could make out the shape of a single mattress thrown on the bare floor and a desk, much like a study table. It was a place I didn’t recognize, even though I was one of those who
had a retentive memory. I tried to move my hands and noticed, to my dismay, that it was bound together.

“Holy- not here.” I immediately corrected myself before I sprouted a string of curse words. I wasn’t in my best mood and when I discovered my hands were tied, I had to visible hold back on cursing out. Being bound like an animal was not my idea of a good time. The mattress didn’t talk back at me, thankfully. It would have been weird but probably not the weirdest thing I’d ever seen. The Unknowns took the crown. They were responsible for almost every known crime in Cinder. Cinder was the name of the city we all stayed in, all sectors included. It was a running joke that Xera and I
were fond of making fun of. Cinder City. Much like Cinderella; without the prince to whisk her away to safety. I was thinking about Xera again.

I never thought a day would come where I’d try to push the beautiful face of Xera out of my mind but there is always a first time for everything. I needed to find out a way to get out of wherever I was and figure out what was going on. I remembered hearing my name when The Unknowns appeared; probably a hallucination.

Book Review: Glitch

Glitch by Victor Mairo

Though the world still works on differences, what would happen if society actually gets divided to the extreme on the basis of skin color and your life and death depend solely on that? That is something Victor Mairo’s Glitch is based on.

The year? 2105. Nigeria is completely off the map and in its place is Cinder City, a place filled with unexplainable violence and brutality. And on what basis? The color of skin a person is born with. The Whites are supreme, the Grays follow, then the Green, Browns next, and lastly, the Blacks who are subjected to that very violence.

Mavery Villin is a part of the worst colored community and has been through unfathomable horrors. Coming to the brink of death, she finds herself in a new place the very next moment, a place that absolutely changed the course of her life.

Not giving any spoilers as this is the one book that has the potential to absolutely blow the minds of the readers with the writing, the plot, the depth of the characters, and a lot more.

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Vowelor Review: A story of self-discovery based in a dystopian world filled with brutality and colorism4
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My Thoughts about the Book

It’s been a while since I last read something as twisted and out-of-the-world as Victor Mairo’s recent addition to the thriller genre, Glitch. Taking readers to an absolutely dystopian world of brutality, Victor has presented the story of Mavery, an underprivileged girl from the Black community of Cinder City, and her journey of self-discovery in times of great peril.

A tale of love, friendship, trust, betrayal, truth, deceit, etc, Glitch works as a mirror that shows the truth, the reality of it all in an environment that leaves next to zero margins for the said emotions. As the first book of a trilogy, it puts a strong foundation for the upcoming challenges and the battles each character would play a part in.

About the Author: Victor Mairo

Author Victor Mairo

Victor Mairo is a full-time author from Lagos, Nigeria. He has recently published his novel, Glitch which is based in a dystopian world filled with brutality and violence and a young girl’s journey of self-discovery while going through all that.

Victor has been to Delta State University in Abraka. He has a particular fondness for the arts. Along with being a voracious reader, he is a huge fan of Japanese anime and all sorts of animations. Victor is a man of family and relationships, hence, one can always find him being all ears to people who need it and supporting them throughout.


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