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    Genius in Making Book Review

    There are a lot of self-help books around for women on improving their lives and tackling problems. But, when it comes to young to-be moms, most books for them are just a Do’s and Don’t list. And, the book that we are reviewing today breaks that stereotype.

    If you are expecting a baby or planning to have a baby soon, here’s the book – Genius in Making by Akankssha Arora – that will help you through the journey of pregnancy and giving birth to a Genius.

    We got an ARC of this book and we found it a very useful resource for any to-be mother. Here’s our full review of Genius in Making by Akankssha Arora.

    Book Review: Genius in Making by Akankssha Arora

    Genius in Making is Akankssha Arora’s debut book which not only talks about the Do’s and Don’ts during Pregnancy but focuses majorly on creating the right environment in the womb to make sure you give birth to a Genius.

    The book opens up an all-new perspective towards pregnancy with concepts like Womb school (Garbh Sanskar), Detoxification of Body, Mind and Soul and their positive effects on the baby to be born.

    Akankssha actually started writing this book as Notes for her own daughter which would be helpful for her during pregnancy. While writing it out, the author realised this should be turned into a book so that all the to-be moms can be benefited.

    Instead of just outlining what to do and not to do during the period of pregnancy, Akankssha has gone in depth to make you understand how a mother can shape her child’s future right from the womb itself.

    She explains the importance of detoxifying the body, mind and soul to provide the right environment inside the womb for the new life yet to be born. Also, she urges to-be mothers to focus on the practice of Womb School (Garbh Sanskar) and its positive effects on the mind and future of the unborn baby.

    Not only that, but this book will also help you prepare in the right way for the final step of pregnancy i.e. the birth of the child.

    Why You Should Read this Book?

    With this book, Akankssha Arora wants mothers to understand their dominion on the future of unborn child and use the knowledge from this book to create a Genius inside the womb.

    Genius in Making book gives a completely new perspective to the notion pregnancy reads with ideas which is highly recommended for young expecting mothers.

    Want your to-be-born child to become a Genius? Get your copy of Genius in Making on Amazon.

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    An Insightful Guide for to-be Mothers to take control and make your unborn child a Genius.

    About the Author: Akankssha Arora

    Akankssha Arora is an author, a mother, an avid reader and a Reiki practitioner hailing from Ambala, India. She did her graduation from Kurukshetra University and then a course in Fashion Designing.  After getting married at an early age, she learned Reiki and have been practicing it for more than 10 years now.

    In 2018, she published her first book – Genius in Making – which she has written with the intention to awaken women so they can actually realize their innate power and their dominion over the life of their unborn child.

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