Falling Back In Love Again

    Falling Back In Love Again

    Falling Back In Love Again is a relationship self-help book by author Dr. David R.L. Stevens, published in the year 2018. The book addresses the problems faced by couples that lead to their marriages falling apart, and the steps they can take for actually saving it.

    Truth be told, we want our relationships to be easy-peasy with everything being right without actually putting effort behind it all. And the minute issues start coming up, we just want to pack our bags and go out the door. But that’s not how it all works. If you are facing such troubles, get your copy of Dr. Stevens’s Falling Back In Love Again at once.

    Book Review: Falling Back In Love Again

    Falling Back In Love Again

    When you wish to have your own garden, it’s not like you sow the seeds and then just let them be. You water it regularly, take care of it, make sure there are no external elements trying to harm it, and look at it growing bigger and more beautiful day by day. That’s exactly how it is with relationships. They require attention, effort, and commitment to make them stronger and make them last longer. And Dr. David couldn’t have highlighted it better than he did in his book, Falling Back In Love Again.

    The book is extremely well written and easy to read and can be understood by anyone reading. Dr. Stevens penned down the most reliable pieces of advice on how to figure a way out of marital issues when one feels that there’s no hope left. He used real-life examples of what all issues can be there and realistic ways to deal with them and come out the other way as better and wiser.

    What I learned from this book is that relationships need effort no matter if you’ve been together a year, or fifty years, the spark must be kept alive. So, pick this book up if you’re in a relationship, good or bad, fulfilling or not, trust me you’ll learn something out of Falling Back In Love Again.

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    Vowelor Review: A well-written, witty, humorous & inspiring relationship book that’ll help almost everyone, who is willing to be helped. 5

     Reasons To Push This One Up Your TBR

    Relationships require constant efforts in order to prevent them from falling apart. There’s nothing wrong with asking for some creative tips if you want to grow together as Forever lovers! Falling Back In Love Again is not just a self-help book that gives out unrealistic advice without backing it up with reliable sources or references.

    Dr. Stevens has shared years of his experience as a counselor in gathering this knowledge and information to help people to be happy and content in their relationships. Even though one of the ideas behind this book is to help failing marriages get back on track, anyone even with a healthy relationship can learn a thing or two from it!

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    About the Author: Dr. David R.L. Stevens

    Author Dr. David Stevens

    Dr. David R.L. Stevens is the author of the book, Falling Back In Love Again. He has been a pastor and marriage counselor for more than forty years and helped people literally ‘fall in love again’. After years of helping people with their relationships, he started to take writing seriously and penned books like Falling Back In Love Again and Marriage for a Lifetime to shed light on the truths about love, marriage, and companionship.

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