The Daughter from a Wishing Tree

The Daughter from a Wishing Tree by Sudha Murty

The Daughter from a Wishing Tree is Sudha Murthy’s latest book which is releasing on 16 October 2019.

The much-loved author and philanthropist, Mrs. Murthy, is known for her books such as Wise and Otherwise, How I Taught My Grandmother to Read etc.

If you have read her work, I am sure they’ve inspired you in one or the other way. I know you cannot wait to know about The Daughter from a Wishing Tree by Sudha Murthy. So, without further ado, let dive straight into the review.

Book Review: The Daughter from a Wishing Tree by Sudha Murthy

Sudha Murthy always brings out the things in our society and culture which help the readers to look at these things with a new perspective – a more relatable one.

In her new book, The Daughter from a Wishing Tree, Sudha Murty has collected unusual tales about the Women in Indian mythology. These include the well-known deities such as Parvati to the completely unknown women such as Ashoksundari.

All these tales are written by Sudha Murthy with the purpose of allowing the reader to understand the existence of these women – mainly their strengths and the mystery behind it.

The stories in this book are all taken from Indian mythology including the magic spells that make a dead person come alive, the tree that fulfilled wishes, the ancient science of clones etc.

Probably, you already know some these stories. But, the reason to pick up The Daughter from a Wishing Tree is Sudha Murty’s way of describing these enchanting women, their strength, their importance to the world and how even the Gods rely on them.

Like always, this new book by the bestselling author Sudha Murthy is going to be an adventurous journey for the readers having elements of magic, mysteries and unbelievable wonders.

All these strong women in The Daughter from a Wishing Tree will make you compare them with them around you and how they influence your life remarkably.

This is a pre-release review of The Daughter from a Wishing Tree by Sudha Murthy. We will update with more details and our reading experience after the book hits the store in October 2019.

You can pre-order your copies on Amazon today!

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About the Author: Sudha Murthy

Sudha Murty is one of the most celebrated authors of India. The 68 year old author has written over 20 books in her writing career.

She is the wife of Narayan Murty, a prominent Indian businessman and the founder of Infosys. Sudha Murty is also the chairperson of Infosys Foundation and has been an engineering professor.

The Daughter of a Wishing Tree is the latest addition to the list of books written by Sudha Murty.

Both kids and adults love her books equally because she generally writes short stories and her life experiences. Mrs. Murty’s books are delightful to read and of course inspiring.

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