Ae Zindagi (Safarnama)

Ae Zindagi by Sweta Mandal

I love reading poetry books and the best thing is I get to review them (or say I get to spread my love for poetries and prose).

So, here I am reviewing another book of heart touching poems and prose, Ae Zindagi (Safarnama) by Sweta Mandal and I totally loved it.

Ae Zindagi is full of short quotes and Shayaris that will make you see life in a more poetic way. This book is from a 19-year-old young girl who jots down all the observations and musings weaving them into the beautiful compositions of her own.

Book Review: Ae Zindagi (Safarnama) by Sweta Mandal

The book, Ae Zindagi, depicts the life experiences of the author, Sweta Mandal. She writes about bright childhood days, joys and sorrows of life, love, happiness, and inspires her readers to fight their personal battles.

Knowing the author and then reading her book just adds on your pleasure of reading. So, before reading about the book I would suggest you read our heart-to-heart conversation with Sweta Mandal.

What to expect from this book?

Sweta Mandal dedicates this book to her dad whom she lost two years back. Since then, she is scribbling her emotions on paper which eventually took shape as a book.

The author is still a teenager, though when you sit down to read her words, the depths of her compositions and the understanding will leave you astonished.

The book is not set in one particular theme and I think that is the beauty of it. You get to read and relate to diverse emotions as the writer pours them into her words.

At one point you will find yourself reading about leaving behind the love that destroyed you and then the other quote reminisces the careless days of the childhood. These nano poems hold all the intense emotions complimented with the blend of Hindu and Urdu language.

Every time I read a quote or shayari in Ae Zindagi (Safarnama), I smiled, wondering how easily the author has written such a complex thought with utter ease of words. And, other times I nodded on finding the sense of commonality that author and I shared.

I remember reading one of the inspirational quotes from the book which actually got engraved in my heart. It goes like this…

Hoshle itne buland rkho ki taqdeer bhi apna faisla sunane ke pehle tujhse razamandi le.

I know this single quote will compel you to read the whole book and believe me, all of it is filled with similar amazing writings. Not to mention the fact that once you start reading this book then there is no chance that you will put it down before the last page.

I am sure, by now, you must be intrigued to read Ae Zindagi. So, just get your copy of Ae Zindagi now!
Ae Zindagi
  • Sweta Mandal
  • Notion Press, Inc
  • Edition no. 1 (05/31/2018)
  • Paperback: 92 pages

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As you read page after page, you will absorb the energy the writer imparts through her words. Each of her quotes tells the reader about her story of facing the chaos and still shining bright. Let me show you another quote from the book which highlights that Sweta Mandal is nothing less than a warrior.

Hunar ko manzil tak anjaam dene ke liye mehnat to krni hogi hi…khairaat me to duniya me kuch nahi haasil hota, manzil to bht dur ki baat h.

Furthermore, the author also mentioned about the childhood days and how innocently we give up on our childhood dreams. Here is one example of it…

Ae bachpan… Mujhe vo guzra hua kal lauta do, issi bahane kuch khoye armaan jee loongi.

Apart from this, there are other themes also that Sweta has written about, the love that was never meant to be and about finding “the one”. The book takes you through such quotes and makes you witness the reality of the world. Even some of these poems just give you the courage to fight your battle.

If the above snippets from the book in SMS lingo didn’t bother you much, then I don’t think you are left with any reason to not read Ae Zindagi.
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Ae Zindagi is a perfect read for anyone who thinks that the world is unfair to them. This book will give you courage and teach you to shine amidst all the chaos.

My Thoughts on Ae Zindagi by Sweta Mandal

To be honest, there was a certain kind of peace in her writings that I experienced while reading the book. I could relate to every written word and being completely amazed by them.

While reading this amazing book, I bet you could embrace your past, relish your present and be prepared for all the obstructions you are going to face in your future. The author has brutally told the truth about life, love, and people – nothing but the truth.

I think books like Ae Zindagi have healing powers concealed in them which pave the way of the readers towards their better self.

Overall, I recommend Ae Zindagi to all the shayari lovers. Also, it is a great book to start reading poems especially when you have less time to read.


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