A Suitable Girl

Book Review : A Suitable Girl by Vikram Seth

A Suitable Girl by Vikram Seth is the sequel to the bestselling novel A Suitable Boy. This book, A Suitable Girl, is Vikram Seth’s most awaited novel which got delayed due to Vikram’s personal issues. A Suitable Girl is an 800-page novel which now has a release date of 14 Jun 2018.

Although it’s a sequel, but A Suitable Girl by Vikram Seth does not really continue the story where Vikram’s previous book, A Suitable Girl, left. In fact, it takes a leap forward in time. Vikram’s previous book was set in post-independence India telling the story of four families living Calcutta. But the new book, A Suitable Girl by Vikram Seth, is set in the present time instead of 1952 where the latter ended.

Almost fifteen years after the release of the first part, A Suitable Girl by Vikram Seth is sure to take the literature world by storm once again. It is expected that A Suitable Girl will be available for pre-orders very soon.

This is a pre-release review of A Suitable Girl by Vikram Seth and it will be updated after the release. The release date of A Suitable Girl is 14 Jun 2018.

About the Author : Vikram Seth

Born in 1952, Vikram Seth is an Indian novelist and poet of Internation fame. He has been awarded several literary awards in India and outside. Vikram Seth also possesses the prestigious Padma Shri award.

Vikram published his first book, The Golden Gate, in 1986. His second book, A Suitable Boy, took the literary world by storm and became a bestseller. Vikram has written three novels and six poetry books. Vikram Seth’s latest book, A Suitable Girl, will be published in 2018.


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