360° Book Promotion Plan

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$149 $299 / 10 weeks

  • Optimisation of Your Amazon Book Listing (Description, keywords category, etc.)
  • Keyword targeted Ads on Amazon  
  • Laser-targeted Ads on Facebook & Instagram.
  • Creation, branding & optimisation of your Social Media profiles.
  • 5 Mock-ups professionally designed by our graphics designer team.
  • Social Media handling by our expert team with 10 highly optimised posts
  • You will get your detailed Author interview published on Vowelor website.
  • A featured Book Review done by us & same will be published on Vowelor website.
  • Live session in our Facebook community of 75,000 Readers.
  •  Free Giveaway of your book on our social media channels.
  • Author Pitch video to communicate about your book and engage readers.
  • Verified reviews done on Amazon and goodreads from our official Vowelor Profile.
  •  Instant Community Access to our Social Media Community consists of 1,00,000 Readers.

Benefits of 360° Book PRomotion Plan

  • Amazon Listing Optimisation: Our team will first go through your book listing on Amazon and perform 20+ checks for description, subtitle, book cover, categories, reviews, author page, etc. With this, we make impactful changes to ensure book listing page becomes more relevant for search, for readers - in fact - perfect in all terms.
  • Amazon Ads: A major portion of book sales happen on Amazon. Our expert marketing team will run keyword-targeted sponsored ads on Amazon to drive traffic to your book listing. Author can choose the ad budget (payable by author) which they want to spend for their marketing.
  • PPC Ad Campaigns: Our team of expert digital marketers will run PPC Ad Campaigns on the best marketing platforms including Facebook and Instagram. Author can choose the ad budget (payable by author) which they want to spend for their marketing. Generally, a good campaign shall carry a justified budget of at least $75. These campaigns will be targeted to increase the visibility and book sales.
  • Social Media Optimisation: Our Social media experts will analyse your presence on major social platforms like Facebook, Instagram. Your profiles will be created wherever required and existing profiles will be optimised for better visibility, larger reach, and personal branding.
  • Book Mockups: Our team of professional designers will create 5 high quality shareable book mock-ups. You can use them on your social media profiles and ad campaigns etc.
  • Social Media Handling: During the promotion period, our experienced team will identify the right readers' audience for your book. We will handle your social profiles by posting engaging content (quotes, mock-ups, videos etc) targeting the relevant audience who would be interested in reading your book.
  • Author Interview: We will share a questionnaire with you. Answer the questionnaire in the best possible way highlighting your personality, your writing career and experiences while writing the book. We will draft an complete interview using your answers. This interview will be search engine optimized so that it shows up when anyone searches for your name!
  • Book Review: For book review, it is mandatory for the author to send us a signed copy of your book. Our professional reviewers will read the book and publish a detailed book review on Vowelor website. This book review will be search engine optimised to ensure that it shows up on first page of search engine when anyone searches for your book.
  •  Verified Reviews: We will give a brief review of your book on Amazon and Goodreads from our official Vowelor profile. Such trusted reviews help other readers to buy the book and increase book sales.
  • Live session: On our Facebook community of 75,000+ Readers, you will be given a chance to come Live for a session of around 30 minutes.
  •  Free Book Giveaway: Authors can choose a number of books that they want to give for free to our community members. This giveaway happens in form of contest where readers are asked to follow the author or like a page and then answer a simple question around the book. Author can choose the best answer(s) and send them a Free Copy of their book. Giveaways help in increasing social media followers as well as getting genuine reviews about the book.
  • Author Website Creation: To create trust among readers and develop your author brand, it is highly recommended to have a professionally-crafted author website. It acts as a landing page for your readers where they can know about you and your books. It also becomes a kickstart launchpad for your future releases.
  • Press Release Integration: For an author, credibility matters a lot. A reader easily picks up books of credible and featured authors. With Press Release integration, you and your book will get featured in 15+ media/news website across globe. It will heavily impact your author brand and reader base. This is an optional but impactful service and carries additional charges.
  •  Vowelor Community: You will get a free Lifetime access to our Vowelor Community on Facebook. It is one of the most active Private facebook group of readers and writers where we share everything about books!

Important Information

  • You can pay via Paypal using any Credit / Debit Card. After you pay, you'll receive a confirmation email.
  • We will email you a form where you have to share your book details.
  • You have to send us a signed copy of your book (paperback/hardcover). Our mailing address will be shared with you.
  • Kindle authors can send their book in any ebook format.
  • Our team will go through your book and find out the right audience for the book.
  • The Book Promotion Activities will begin as described in your plan.
  • Our team will be in touch with you regularly for your support and for any requirements that may arise.
  • You can claim your refund anytime within 30 days if you are not satisfied with the services. The refund (except the amount spend on FB, Google, Instagram or Amazon) will be provided within 7 business days.
  • You can upgrade your promotion plan by sending us an email regarding the same. We will guide you through the upgrade process.

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$149 $299

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