Audible Romance Package Review – Is It Worth it?

Audible Romance Package

In this article, I am going to tell you my thoughts on Audible Romance Package because most of the people don’t know the exact details of this particular package on Audible.

I have already been subscribed to this service from quite a well, and I have collected some thoughts over it, the advantages and disadvantages, as there are definitely both.

If you are looking for each and every detail of Audible Romance package, that’s exactly what we will do in this article. So let’s get started!

I highly recommend going through the detailed guide on How Audible works to understand this article better!

First off, let’s start with what makes “Audible Romance Package” the right choice for you?

1. The biggest selling point for the audible romance package is that it’s unlimited. You can read or listen to as many books from the romance package category as you want.

2. I think it comes at a much better price point than regular audible service.

3. It has a lot of categories, there are lots of rooms that you can explore. They also have main landing pages for lots of main categories. The entire list is super-refined, for example, if you are into a vampire romance, there is a separate category for that.

Subcategory and Home page classification in Audible Romance Package

4. I also found other categories like LGBT books and the African-American category. So they didn’t just only think of the mainstream, but also give you everything possible related to whatever reading taste you have.

5. The most important thing that makes it the best fit for the audible lovers is, they have a sizzling scale by the name romantic mood meter. It helps you to decide whether the book is for you or not based on how steamy it is. It is helpful for those readers who are looking for special plot stories.

Romantic Mood Meter

6. This one really sets me on fire. They have a ‘Skip to the good parts‘ button that gives you the selection of moving to the special parts in the story like the first kiss. So, you can have a little sneak peek of what you are getting in the story.

Take me to the good part Option

7. The last but not the least, the entire layout. I just like it. It’s not pink or red. It’s purple, which gives it a mature feeling and I love it.

Those were all the positive points I found using the audible romance package, but definitely there are few things which don’t appeal to me as a user.

Let’s look at those…

1. The whole idea of an unlimited package is compatible with the app only. So it means you cannot browse all the categories while you are online (which according to me is the best way to do it).

2. This one is not a huge deal but if you are not using your credits for a particular month, then you do not get any free downloads. It’s same as Netflix where you get charged whether or not you have used your credits for that particular month.

3. The last one, I really had a tough time using the service on the app. There were no options available like “Skip to the good part” and romantic mood meter. Though I am not sure, it did happen to me or everyone.

So, that’s all. Those are my thoughts on the Audible Romance Package. If you’re a romance reader, check out full details here. If you have already tried it out, let me know in the comments. Especially, if you have been able to use it on the app in the way I couldn’t 🙁


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