About : Savi Sharma

    About: Savi Sharma
    Savi Sharma

    About the Author: Savi Sharma

    Savi Sharma was born in Surat, Gujarat in 1993. She was studying to be a Chartered Accountant but left studies to become a Storyteller. In 2016, She self-published her inspirational novel, Everyone has a Story which made her India’s first successful female self-published author. Later, she signed with Westland Ltd to write more stories.

    She is also co-founder of motivational media blog ‘Life & People’ where she writes about positivity, meditation, law of attraction, spirituality and other such topics. She loves observing people and often finds her stories while observing people at cafes. Savi also has a secret list of 100 wishes which she wants to fulfill in this one lifetime.


    1. Everyone Has A Story (2016)

    2. This Is Not Your Story (2017)

    Writer | Entrepreneur | Engineer | Visionary | Environmentalist. Steal a word out of each day, and eventually you end up having your story.


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