Human Capital Flight Meaning

    Human Capital Flight : Brain Drain

    Human capital flight refers to the movement of high-skilled workers of the home country to the abroad country. Research is mixed as to whether there are important net benefits, a “brain gain”, or net costs, a “brain drain”, to human capital flight for the Home country.

    Types of Human Capital Flight

    There are several categories of Human Capital Flight:

    1. Organizational

    The flight of talented, creative, and highly qualified employees from large corporations that occurs when employees perceive the direction and leadership of the company to be unstable or stagnant, and thus, unable to keep up with their personal and professional ambitions.

    2. Geographical

    The flight of highly trained graduates and engineers from their area of residence is termed as Geographical Human Capital Flight.

    3. Industrial

    The movement of a traditional worker from one sector of industry to the different sector is termed as Industrial Human Capital Flight.



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