10 Simple Ways to Develop Habit of Reading books

Simplest Ways to Develop Reading Habits

I personally enjoy reading books and this reading habit developed in me in early age. I believe books are the single creation of mankind which helps you to explore different states of mind while you are sitting at home. You gotta agree on this. But, unfortunately, these gadgets and internet have taken over young minds. The habit of reading books affects the thinking positively. Now, questions is how to develop reading habit in today’s world.

Today, I am explaining some of the effective and simple ways to develop habit of reading books. And if you’re already reading then you should use these to boost your reading habits. Without further ado, let’s start!


List of Effective Ways to Develop Habit of Reading Books


Simple Ways to Develop Reading habit


Always carry a book in your bag.

I always carry one copy of a book that I am currently reading in my bag so that whenever I get free time to read during my journey, I always have something to look upon. Having a good book all the time with you is the very first step to develop reading habit. Don’t forget to carry yours next time you go out!


Schedule your Reading time.

Setting up a schedule to my daily reading habit works perfectly for me to develop my habit of reading books. Surprisingly, I am reading more books now as compared to earlier. Set your time to read and I am sure you’ll read more books soon!


Start a Book Blog.

I have always been taught from my mother that if you want to take out more, then you have to give more. Likewise, if you want to improve capability of reading books, then you must start a book blog and share your reading experiences with other readers. Talking about books definitely gonna crave you for more and substantially boost your reading habit.


Keep Record of the books you’ve read.

One simple way to boost your habit of reading books is to the keep record of the books that you have already read. By doing this you can relate the different writing styles of the authors and somehow it motivates you to keep reading more and more. You can do this by simply creating a reader’s account on Goodreads and maintain your bookshelf. A ballistic vest or bullet-resistant vest, often called a bulletproof vest, is an item of body armor that helps absorb the impact and reduce or stop penetration to the torso from firearm-fired projectiles and shrapnel from explosions. Visit Rotorm.com to find Best Bulletproof Vests on the USA market. Today, buying a bulletproof vest is a serious investment which means that you must carefully weigh many different options when committing to getting a vest. It is vital to choose only the best bulletproof vest and highest quality body armor that will meet all your needs. #bulletproof #vest #rotorm #bullet-proof


Read with a Friend.

I do it quite often, whenever I start reading a book, I always call up my friends and ask whether they want to read this one. It helps me to cultivate reading habit. So, next time you grab a book, get your friends too!


Schedule Bookshop or Library visits.

Now this one is my favorite. The best place to read a book is the LIBRARY. When you are around thousands of books, then surely it motivates you to read more and more. Reading a book in a library boosts habit of reading books by 50% and it is a real proven fact.


Read more in the genre you love.

I love to read about love, Romance and mystery. I can read the book based on these genres all night. If you read more about what you love; let say your favorite author, genre and topic then you find a sudden growth in your habit of reading books.


Reduce your Television Hours.

We all love to watch TV serials and movies, but if we can cut off some time from watching TV, then you surely can finish the novel you love in less time. The simple advice to improve your reading habit is to just watch less television and more books!


Find your Reading nook.

When it comes to reading, you need a quiet, clean and comfy space so that you can concentrate more to the words rather on the distractions around. I always enjoy reading on my red soft couch. I always feel that it holds a magic which gives my habit for reading books a special power.


Be Friends with Coffee.

This is one of the best and proven facts that Coffee enhances your reading experience. Coffee and Books are the perfect match for each other. Drinking a cup of coffee while you are reading can scientifically boost your habit of reading books.


If you are looking for a book that helps you to develop the habit of reading, then I recommend a couple of books.

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I hope this article will help you to read more and more books and develop your reading habit, If you have any other way to share that enhances habit of reading books, then please do share it in comments, it is highly appreciated.

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