10 Powerful Social Media Tips for Writers to Follow

10 Powerful Social Media Tips for Writers

Are you an author struggling to increase your social media following? You cannot find which social networks are better for writers? If yes, then you should read on to know some handy and powerful social media tips for writers that will help to increase your presence among the readers on the social web.

Social Media has emerged multifold in recent years. One cannot deny the power of a social network. For an author, especially when you are self-published, Social Media plays a key role in the marketing and promotion of your book. And, eventually, it defines the success.

With the right efforts, you can easily reach to the right people and get the right things done. Be it sales or genuine  reviews or valuable critique, everything can be attained with the better use of social networks. So what are the tips that you, as a writer, should follow to master the art of social media? How to make the social media work for you without actually turning into a self-promotion bot?

We’ve curated some tested and working social media tips for writers which you should learn to follow. These 10 tips will make a huge difference if implemented precisely.


10 Powerful Social Media Tips for Writers to Follow


Tip #1. Make a ‘Good Profile’

Social Networks are all about making an identity. Signing up is easy but making an identity is something to work upon. Your social profile should portray exactly who you are. Make as real and as truthful as possible.

Your Profile or Page is the first thing a social media user views and perceives the first impression. It is necessary to bind him/her on the first visit. Incomplete profile actually raises the red flags and you loose a valuable potential follower. Your Profile / Page should essentially have the following.

1. A good Profile Picture

2. A short yet proper bio / description

3. An interesting cover photo. Avoid putting book covers.

4. Fill your interests and favourites.

5. Don’t forget to add links to your website / blog.

With all these done, you’re ready for a great first impression on your readers.


Tip #2. Play with Patience

It goes like the grandma saying ‘Good things take time’. Be it Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, followers will rise slowly but steady. Only requisite is to keep posting some good content. It can be sneak peeks from your upcoming book, may be a quote from your previous one. You may receive little or no response in the beginning but hang in there and things will ease out.

Remember,  patience is the key. Invest time and efforts it will pay.


Tip #3. Avoid Excessive Self-Promotion

Most users don’t come social networks to buy products. So, don’t just blatantly write about your book, your interview, your this, your that; instead give the visitor a reason to actually visit your page or profile. Share your experiences, let people know you.

You may consider putting up pictures of your writing desk, talk about a book you recently read. An occasional picture with your cat will do a better trick!


Tip #4. Interact Regularly

Social media is all about interacting with people; that the basic idea behind it. Its not a knock-the-door-and-go game. You have to be active the most you can. This is actually one of the most important social media tips for writers.

This will enable you to interact with your readers and get feedback. You can use tools like Polls that are available on Facebook as well as Twitter and Google+. Your presence actually defines your seriousness towards your readers. Take part in conversations and find new people. If they’ll like your profile, there are fair chances that they will  buy your book too.


Tip #5. Accept Criticism

As an Author, you should take all sorts of criticism in a positive way and it applies to the internet too. Social Media has become a new critique platform where every second person can give you reviews. These will  impact your sales.

Don’t go insane over few negative comments or dislikes. Always face them with a positive attitude and try to improve upon. Any bad reaction from your side with send a bad message to the readers.


Tip #6. Remember your Niche

It is by far the most powerful social media tip. Authors should never go beyond their niche. It makes absolutely no sense when a writer talks about Politics. Keep yourself focussed to your niche. It will build a trust between your readers.

Moreover, sticking to the niche makes you unique and stand out. It will present you as a Pro to new visitors giving them a reason to follow / like you.


Tip #7. Build Strong Connections

Yes, make relations. Take it to professional as well as personal level. 1000 loyal followers is better 10000 me-too followers. There is no harm in following the people who follow you. Infact you should also follow aspiring writers and make them understand some skills. Believe me they’ll never ever leave you.

Consider Personal/Direct Messages to engage directly. It gives a strong sense of connection. At the end, its about how powerful is your social network.


Tip #8. Numbers doesn’t matter

We’ve seen authors go mad over the no, of likes and followers. Although who doesnt want a large fan, but its not a thing to die for. Only thing to do is to make sure you have genuine people in your network.

The more you satisfy your current readers, the more you’ll get the new readers. Being preoccupied with numbers will actually dicert your focus from the thing at which you’re best – Writing.


Tip #9. Hashtags are Magic

Another powerful social media tool are Hashtags (#). They work as the breadcrumbs from the search algorithms seen on Social networks. Almost every social network has incorporated Hashtags to ease the process of search and find the right things.

Use relevant hashtags for your social media posts such as #amwriting. #fridayreads etc. It make your page / post to be found easily by other people. There are chances to increase your fan base just by using the right hashtags everytime you post on Facebook or Twitter etc.


Tip #10. Explore New Social Networks

Internet is expanding almost the way of Universe. New website and social networks are surfacing almost daily. Each having some extra features and new tools. There are social networks that use concepts of questions or bookmarks and other innovative things to leverage your social needs.

As an author, your should try newer networks like Quora, Pinterest, Tumblr etc. Advantage on new social network is the lesser crowd with gives you an extra edge as an early member.

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