Chapter 1 | Meditation – Knowing Inside Out

THE BEGINNING I am not a writer, nor did I write anything in past. This is the first attempt to share my views on 'Meditation'.I...

All-in-one Free Book Promotion: Vowelor Author Programme

In a virtual web of the  interconnected world, sometimes it becomes hard to reach the right audience.  When it is about your efforts and...

The Mirage Of Chained life against the Unstoppable time

It is alive when you feel disconnected. The thoughts, the emotions all burnt up as you see the road upside down to the mountains...

The Saint And The Sinner

Last night, as I walked down the road underneath some stars following me relentlessly to my home, there came this thought, entirely out of...

Are you living your life like you dreamt of? Think.

 This small world is stuffed with the big amount of people, thinking no same ain't sound like they procured from the same name.The journey...

Essay on Brain Drain in English

The emigration of highly trained or qualified people from a particular country for better job opportunities or good standard of living is termed as...

Essay on Morning walk in English

 Morning walk is Immunity booster for our body. It keeps us fit and energetic. A simple walk in the morning can make your whole...

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