The Saint And The Sinner

Last night, as I walked down the road underneath some stars following me relentlessly to my home, there came this thought, entirely out of the blues. Every person existing on the face of the earth has one thing in common; each one of us live in a delusion of being a single identity. All of us have this groundless belief and try to pretend of being integrated as a whole within ourselves. But, surprisingly, no one is.


As a child, right from the moment he starts recognising himself, there starts the development of dichotomy. This sense of duality grows within the bounds of intuition and instructions. Intuit, in itself, is a complete resolution of observations which reflects the true identity. But subsequently as one grows, the people and conditions around us feed us with dogmatic directions which impart upon us the characteristics which we never owned. Thus, creating a new you which coexists with the true you.


At every of point of life, in every situation necessitating a decision, the dyad never lets you be you. Everyone tends to be either one of them but the selection becomes intractable. We behave one way with someone and completely the other way with someone else. The thought process cleaves into unlike tangents.


One should start believing in his true identity from the very beginning before the seed of dualism sprouts. Otherwise, the rest of the life is a conflict, an endless struggle between the saint and the sinner, both within you.


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