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All Preeti Shenoy Books List and Latest Novel

All Preeti Shenoy Books List and Latest Novel

If you are a reader of Fiction and Nonfiction, then you cannot miss the Preeti Shenoy books list, the famous Indian Author who consistently nominated for the Forbes List as the 100 most influential...
Paperback vs Hardcover Books

Paperback vs Hardcover Books

While buying a book all of us have a little confusion on whether to choose a paperback or a hardcover. The debate of Paperback vs Hardcover books is a long-standing one and in this...
All Durjoy Datta Books List and Latest Novel

All Durjoy Datta Books List and Latest Novel

No wonder, Durjoy Datta has become the new teen heartthrob and all Durjoy Datta books are among the favorites of teen Indian readers. He started his writing career while he was still in his...
Book Hangover

How to Get Over a Book Hangover- Secret Revealed!

If you are reading this post, then you are probably suffering or have suffered from a book hangover. I know it is not at all easy to cope with this hangover phase and that...
Ruskin Bond Books List

All Ruskin Bond Books List & Short Stories

Ruskin Bond books, as we all know, mostly feature stories drawn from his childhood Indian background which are easily relatable to Indian readers. Being an English by origin, Ruskin Bond has been one of...


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how to write a book review

How to Write a Good Book Review for a Blog?

A Book Review is an opinion of a reader about a particular book based on the content, style and the story line. Do you know...

Do you know the basic difference between genres of literature?

We all are familiar with the word literature (broadly). Every now and then we come across a number of books and stories, no matter...
How to write a Good Poem

How to Write a Good Poem – Step by Step Guide

Writing a poetry is not a difficult task to do when you are well versed with the literary techniques used to compare two different...