Grammar Memes

Grammar Memes
‘I take for granted people’s poor grammar. More pacifically, how there always thinking for all intensive purposes is supposable correct.’

And now if that gives a constant nudge in your head then Hello my friend, you are a Grammar Nazi.

Even the Nazis in Germany might have bailed few Jews but the grammar Nazis would not show mercy to the grammar rule breakers.

I can understand that feeling of vulnerability when someone points out your grammatical mistake or just shares a Grammar meme with you because your name was the first to pop in their mind.

When you are just about to prove your statement on social media and the Grammar Police comes over howling their sirens and drops a little comment correcting your grammar. At that moment, you can literally see your academic laurels crying in the corner.

And, if you have played the protagonist in the aforementioned humiliating story then just read ahead about the other blunders that give Grammar Nazis a chance to knock you out.

Best Grammar Memes

These funny grammar memes you can’t resist to share with your friends and can actually help you in improving the general grammatical mistakes. Let’s make learning a fun exercise with these memes.

21You Had Left Your Welcome

A kind of frustration I feel when I Thank someone and they reply ‘Your Welcome’ as of it is my possession. People can’t even claim their ‘welcome’.

20 Double-Trouble with Double Negatives

Final Judgement: Lifetime imprisonment for the lack of knowledge of grammar. He shall be taught grammar for the rest of his life and fine for further grammatical mistakes if any. The court is adjourned!

19Too Possessive

“Oh, Come on! I saw you exclaiming all around every time she questioned something. You two were a bit too much.”

18A Comma Could Have Made Things Better

Sometimes I still see cows struggling with the gate. Being obedient is not easy these days.

17Mind Your Language, Lady!

It’s not easy to serve the public and English language at the same time. Grammar Police are never off duty.

16Pay Some Attention!

Grammar Nazis are not inherited with some supernatural powers. They are the ones who actually had listened to their teachers and now all of them are grinning over this grammar meme.

15Punctuation Can Change Your Meaning

A single punctuation mark has the power to change your context. Don’t underestimate its use.

14Who’s Smarter?

“I doubt about your academic degrees, master. I will like to give a walk to the grammar class.”

The dog owner is still confused about why his dog is barking on him.

13Grammar Nazi’s Soldier

That’s the reason Trevor don’t have many friends. Being a Grammar Nazi costs you many things.

12Oxford Graduate

“It’s raining, cats and dogs.” 

Yeah! It seems this oxford return comma do have some point.

11Grammar: The Savior

A good human being uses correct grammar and saves lives like a hero.

10You Need to Slow Down, Lad!

You might bore someone till death if you are ignoring these essential punctuation marks.

9We Too Get Hurt

Repeat these kind words to me. Correct grammar is all I need to survive in this cruel world.

8The Jury Says…

Also, their sentence will be mercilessly segregated with the punctuation marks. You better not play with the rules.

7Sad Life!

The only time ‘INCORRECTLY’ is not spelled incorrectly is when it is spelled INCORRECTLY.

Just food for thought.

6Punctuation Changes Everything

Without punctuations, you are a monster and with punctuations, you are the savior of mankind.

5A Tribute to All The Grammar Victims

Sometimes, something pricks in my heart when I read his tombstone.

4Sorry, But Not Sorry

I might not have bothered you if your hold on the language was as firm as mine and if you could imply its usage as smoothly as I do.

3You Should Be In a Good Form

Your verb is not in the right form. Let me call subject and object to know more about the matter.

2It’s Rocking! But wait, Isn’t it Incorrect?

‘I don’t need no money, as long as I keep dancing’ 

This can be really annoying for the Grammar Nazis. May the Lord bestow the powers to enjoy this song.

1Hit Me Up, Grammar Nazis

I appreciate the effort, Grammar Nazis put in correcting my grammar which secretly helps carries off my burden of proofreading. A win-win situation for both.

Apart from jokes, let’s just admit that we do make grammatical mistakes and yes, there is something like Grammar Police who unabashedly are grammar nerds. So, we both need each other to survive.


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